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Gorean Chat rooms... reality VS not

In yahoo alone there are many Gorean chat rooms and when I say many I mean it. From the ones that last for years to the one that optimistically opens up then sadly closes a few hours later. Some of the rooms seem to be there for nothing more than the occupants amusement. How many fights will come from well meaning discussions? How many well meaning discussions are meant to incite fights? How many rules can we bend or break without ruining the thin lines of Gorean society.

Gor is a difficult thing to portray. Why? Because it’s quite simply not real. The books, which are written by John Norman, bring us to another world that seems much like our own. When getting more into it we find this is an illusion and that many of the things that happen on “Gor” could not happen here. We find that Gor is an existence much like our own with a very “primitive” levels.

Men Rule.

Woman are submissive to Men at all times.

slaves are nothing more than they are allowed to be by the Men.

So how do we translate these rules to online life and real life? Real life…. Perhaps I will handle that in another essay, but for now I shall focus on the differences in Yahoo Gorean Rooms.

A few quick basics about Yahoo Gorean Chat Rooms. 1. There are limits to what you can do in them. This is not real life so sometimes it is impossible to do what you would do in real life. Real time doesn’t exist (second by second, minute by minute.) 2. Anyone can open a room. One does not need to have a certificate or anything. It is just as easy for a 12 year old boy to open a room as it is a 90 year old woman (if not easier). 3. No one is exactly who they say they are. This is has a simple reason, even the people who are being 100% honest cannot be who they really are because who you are is partly defined by how other people see you. You can only say how you see yourself (and lets be honest, when is the last time someone described themselves in the same way you see them?)

Gor, being a book series, has very few unbreakable rules. The majority of these rules are above. I again repeat the main one. Men Rule. In the BDSM lifestyle there is always arguments over whether someone is a Master or simply a Dom. In Gor there are no arguments, Males are the top of the food chain. Even this solid rule has its exceptions with male slaves. Male slaves are rarely found on Gorean Chat and are often scorned and looked down upon.

girls are slaves and who would look down upon a someone for what they were born to be? male slaves have chosen to be what they are and as such other males look down upon them. How “Gorean” someone is in chat ranges from barely more than BDSM to full blown Gorean.

The full blown Goreans often try to bring Gor into their real life to a point. Enjoying the bits and pieces that they can and sacrificing what they can not. Often the rules of a Gorean Male will rule their life, making honor much a part of them. Many times they are seen as stick in the mud, or compared to religious fanatical. In some cases this is even true. Like any good thing, too much is a bad thing.

There are a few Gorean rooms that are mostly full blown Goreans and in these rooms the Male reins supreme over the home, slaves, and Women. These rooms are filled with people who often are the start of arguments and such in other rooms that they feel are not true to the way of Gor. Perhaps this is because they don’t respect the room or its people. this girl isn’t even going to try and guess why as she really isn’t a Gorean Male. However in the rooms of these Men discussions are simply that. Discussions. Fights are rare and handled quickly. Why? Because though a “Gorean” Male may go to a not-so-Gorean room a not-so-Gorean is unlikely to go to the “hard-core” rooms.

The not-so-Gorean rooms are more of a place for people to get to know each other. They focus more on friendship and fun and often center around the “role-play” lifestyle. A role-player is someone who might want to explore a bit of their “other” side without being committed to anything. There are other reasons for role-players to choose to be so, but that is the main one. This leads people to be known as “fakes”.

The main difference between a Gorean room and a not-so-Gorean room is the strictness and treatment of slaves and Woman. Again the topic of Gorean Free Woman will be handled in another essay but we must touch upon them are we to understand what makes the rooms different.

In a kinda-Gorean room a slave or a Woman are treated kindly and with great care towards not offending them. If this sounds odd to your ears (treating a slave kindly?) then perhaps you belong in the more Gorean rooms. Though a slave is unlikely to be treated unkindly there either. It often depends solely on the slave. The main thing that is required is RESPECT.

Of course there are rooms that fall into neither of these categories and there are some that fall squarely in the center. I don’t deny that at all, but I have to tell You a certain amount of drama is to be expected in each home. Some not worth the time or energy to pay attention to and some might just cost You an online life if You don’t stay on top of it. Drama though annoying is good for a home in small degrees. It gives everyone something to latch on to each other with. It allows a home to grow.

Until the next (and hopefully better) essay, -levana

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