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Victorian Golf Hackers Web

The Victoria Golf Hackers webpage is an excursion (diary) of golf course experiences. Unlike other pages dedicated to golfing, this page focuses on the factors that make a game of golf a lot of fun

The Courses (last updated 5/03/2006)

KingstonLinks Boxing Day 2005



City Of Kingston Public Golf Course first round 14/06/2004, second round - 19/09/2004, third round - 26/09/2004



MtMartha first round - 02/08/2004, second round - 02/08/2004, third round - 03/10/2004, fourth round - Boxing Day 2004, fifth round - 27/11/2005

Elsternwick (first round), second round 15/01/2006 (Matts Last game in Vic)


Cape Schank (Shearwater Resort) - 18/09/2005

Skye - 12/03/2005 , 06/11/2005

If you want to join us for a game, submit your own reviews, or make any comments about this site...
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