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GCSE - The Basics

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How does GCSE work
What is GCSE
Why Choose GCSE
What is the history of GCSE?

The British GCSE and its international version the IGCSE, is a system of regulating High School Qualifications so that all qualifications are equivalent to each other.

It is NOT a system of enforcing content standards in course material. As will be seen from the range of courses (1000's) available from the boards concerned, any control of content is clearly impossible.

The central aim of the program is to ensure that Jane Smith's GCSE in Dance from AQA board requires a similar amount of learning and effort as Joe Doe's GCSE in Biblical Hebrew from OCR board.

As all the examinations are independently assessed the same standards are maintained across the entire education system. GCSE's awarded from an inner city school in Manchester are exactly the same as the GCSE's from an up market area of Scotland.

A  GCSE certificate from one school is just the same as one from another or the same as the certificates you would gain as a homeschooler. The system does not differentiate how or where you were taught. It only measures results.