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Find Your Personality!

This quiz is completely ridiculous, so have fun with it! If you live in Alaska, don't be offended.

1. It's 2:00 A.M. when your friend drags you out of bed and announces you're going on a trip to Alaska. You:
are the one who planned it and are waking everyone up.
quickly pack and leave a note for your parents.
protest that the idea's insane as your friend packs for you and carries you out to the car.
start chucking things at your friend and cursing.
hop out of bed and dance around while you pack.
say you know you'll all get in trouble or killed, but give in and go.

2. You're all in the van on your way to the ship. The driver seems to have forgotten every driving rule possible, including which lane to drive in. You:
are so hyper you nearly run a bunch of people over.
suggest that maybe someone else should drive.
make your friend pull over to let you drive; what is she doing?!
encourage the driver to speed up and run that guy over.
are doubled over, giggling. This is so exciting!
see your life flash before your eyes and cling to the person nearest you.

3. You make it to the port alive and go to board the ship, but realize some of you are missing your tickets. You:
confess you may have burned your ticket, or lost it through the window, or eaten it.
tell everyone to relax; the tickets must be in the glovebox.
announce you have everyone's tickets, because you knew they would probably forget what they did with them.
laugh and say that sneaking onboard sounds like more fun anyway.
say, "Uh-oh, I kind of lost my ticket" and start giggling again.
cry and say you knew this wouldn't work out; you're all going to die.

4. Onboard, it's two people to a room. Who is your best friend (your roommate) and what do you decide to do?
I'm with my shyest friend and suggest exploring the whole ship--right now, at 3 in the morning!
My friend is cynical and depressed, and I say we should stay up all night talking. Maybe it will make her feel better.
I'm with the cheery ("ditzy") one in the group. I think we should get some rest for tomorrow.
I don't feel like having a therapy session; I just want to sleep, and threaten to kill my friend if she wakes me up.
My friend needs to lighten up. I wish we could go outside and look at the stars and ocean and everything. It's so pretty!
I'm afraid of being lost or kidnapped, but eventually agree to explore.

5. You all end up out on deck, talking. Suddenly, you see an old man with a ragged beard, foaming at the mouth and running in circles while shouting obscenities. What's your reaction?
This man is INSANE! He's awesome!
We should ask him if he's all right.
Let's report him and go inside. Now.
Why don't we just push him overboard?
That reminds me of myself that day my boyfriend cheated on me and I got really upset and threw stuff out the window...
He's going to kill us! I told you we should stay inside!

6. One of the crew members tranquilizes the man and ushers you all back inside. He implies that one of you must have upset the crazy guy. You say:
"What the #&((?! Why would we do that?" and kick him.
"Is he okay? I think a doctor should examine him."
"We were just talking to each other. We didn't even look at him or anything."
"That lunatic was out of his gourd. He must have been tripping on some serious acid or shooting speed."
"We didn't do anything, but I think his girlfriend dumped him."
"We wouldn't do that. He came out of nowhere and wanted to kill us."

7. A few days later, you start seeing icebergs and think:
It would be so fun to jump off the boat onto one and float around touring the ocean.
I hope no one gets hurt.
I'm going to go count the lifeboats...
If I see that psycho again--or that stupid crew member--I'll chuck him at an iceberg.
It's like the
Titanic! I just need a hot guy named Jack.
Omigosh we're going to crash into it and die!

8. You finally reach Alaska and stay with a grandfather and his two grandsons.
I know! Kirimo is some dude I met online. I probably should have mentioned we were coming.
It's so nice of them to have us. I'll do chores to pay them back.
Wow, this trip is...interesting. Do we have enough money to live on and get back with?
Yeah, and it's freezing and cramped. And I wish I could find the knives.
The older grandson is a fox. I wonder if he's taken.
We don't know these people. Is this safe?

9. A week later you leave on an airplane; the grandfather paid for it. Why did he want you out?
I threw a party and managed to set the igloo on fire (...).
I told him it's cruel to kill animals.
Everyone blamed the junk they did on me, and I wouldn't eat the raw fish the little boy gave me.
I stole his knives...for reasons no one needs to know.
I kept hitting on Kirimo, whom no one told me was engaged.
I lost his best fishing hook. I couldn't help it! The fish scared me.

10. While on the airplane, you remember you have a big report due tomorrow on Alaska (how convenient). What do you write?
That some crazy mofos ride the ships, icebergs are flipping awesome, and igloos can catch fire.
I write a lot about the landscape and customs.
Actually, I finished that a week ago, but now I can add to it.
That Alaska is freaking colder than imaginable and not meant to sustain human life.
Alaska has some hot guys!
I write about the animals, people, and climate.

Please make sure you've answered all the questions!
Code adapted from alanna's quiz tutorial

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