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The birth of an inter-dimensional portal has given way for a Grand Monarch to invade and assimulate a non-Power Rangers universe; where DC Comic Heroes live and fight. The Justice League of America and multiple generations of Power Rangers team up to save their respective universe.
Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
Scene 6
Scene 7
Act 1- Day of the Portal
Fate of an Enterprise
Check or Checkmate?
Act 2- Gatherings
Pacing towards War
Send in the Clowns
Ballroom of Monarchy
Shayla and the Creeps
The Revolution Revealed
Act 3- Hell Unleashed
The Psycho Pirate
Private Endeavors
The Generals
The Head of Time Force
Lost in Translation
Act 4- The New Kids
Forces United
Plugged into the Rubicon
Under Fire
A Ranger's Final Stand
Act 5- Descent to Oa
JLA, Assembled
Tensions and a Bagel
Crossing of the Rubicon
The Morphing Itch
Desert Storm
Act 6- The Phantom's Menace
Cole meets his Match
The Phantom's Battle
Enter Andrew's Prize
Metal Gear Andros
Jack and Wally: Oan Vacation
Seven Feet from Engine Room Thirteen
Death to the Dragon!
Act 7- Psychotic Justice
It's about Damn Time!
Dune's Day
Casualties of War
Meeting of the Morons
Pink is Out
Green Dodge Balls
Superman gets his @$$ Handed to Him
Act 8- The Last Action
Death and Deactivation
First Contact with Unagi
Flashback to '67
Broken Curse of the Wolf
The Great Escape
Zordon's "Big Brother"

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