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Caress me with your eyes my love

As your heart calls out my name

Moonbeams now have touched my soul

I cease to be the same

So softly in the meadowland

Dew kissed grass and flowers dance

Teardrops now have left my eyes

As with your magic touch entrance

Words endearing to my ears

Softly whisper now my love

Myriads of stars cascade

From the cosmos - from above

With your lips embrace my mind

Lie with me midst golden corn

To love as day turns into night

Souls entwined now until dawn

Dancing till we dance no more

Your loving lifts my spirits up

Such intoxicating, heady wine

I should not be supping from this cup


We lay together v naked bodies entwined

Perspiring, holding, touching

And loving one another.

Lips caressing bodies- all cares have fled my mind

He whispers softly that he loves

Me, my body, altogether.

Fingertips v trace the contours of my skin

As he delights me


Love or lust? Is it such a sin

Stealing moments

Of pleasure.

Should we refrain- ?

No-one is hurt

Or likely to be.

He is not mine v

Just a friend

Who loves me.

For me v

Or maybe

Just my body.

Pure sex,

It-s good

No -

It-s bloody excellent

Maybe because

It-s stolen

And that makes it exciting

More so than

The norm..

Should I care v feel guilt?

Or simply enjoy

The pleasure

The highs

That he gives


At least I am wanted

For something

That I can give

And enjoy

As I give

And receive


With my lover

My 'toy boy'


Is this lust at first sight -

Do you feel that we might

Get it together?

Are you looking at me -

Ask if I'm free

For the evening?

I see in your eyes-

You want the paradise

I can give you

But how will we feel

When dawn breaks the steel

grey dark of the night?

Will you look at me-

Ask if I'm free

for a lifetime?

Or will we walk away-

To our lives, dull and grey

And remember...?

Fly with me Top
Watch me fly on gossamer wings

Through an orange mottled sky -

Take me down to flowers sweet

Let me taste them as I lie.

Luxuriate in heavens' scent

Deep inside the lily cup,

Pollen dusting thro' my hair -

As your loving takes me up

Once more I soar to untold heights

To fly among the golden rays

Of sunlight, dancing through my world

A world of never-ending days.

Days where I can always be

Alone with you, and filled with love

Where I can find those flowers sweet

And float in heaven high above.

Flying through the coloured haze

Looking down on earth below,

Circling stars in midnight skies

No one follows where we go.

Pink edged mornings follow on

From velvet black of darkest night

Changing then to golden dawn

Preceding daytime blue so bright.

Through every coloured hue we'll fly

Until we reach our heavens' door

Whisper softly as we near

Tell me that we fly no more,

Our journey over, it is done

Smile my love, and feel no sorrow

For I will take you back again

Take a purple trip tomorrow.
(c) Anne warwick 2001 
Electric Dreams Top

We dance in skies of electric blue

Clothed in swathes of purple hue -

Tossing, turning, through the night

A Magical journey to the light.

Run barefoot on silver sands

Take a mystic journey to never lands

Dance to music as yet un-played

Swim in pools at the forest glade,

Take my hand, come dance with me

Experience joyous ecstasy.

Float with me on white edged waves

Explore with me those hidden caves

Float in rainbows' colours bright

Dance with me throughout this night.

Chase the stars, and catch the moon

Morning will be here too soon

Hold me in your arms my love

Above the clouds fly with the dove

Let us soar to realms so high 

Dance on moonbeams in the sky.

Swim down to the oceans' bed

With a million starfish round my head

Softly on the ocean floor

Kiss me now, as ne'er before

Come, dance this dream, while we may

For tomorrow is another day.
 A.Warwick 2001 

Making Love Top

Here we lie

Analogous forms, a loosely shaped 's'

Your arms around me

My back on your chest -

Your whisper soft kisses

Caress my neck and disclose

Secrets, to the ears of the night

As we lie in repose.

Contented, surrealism surrounds

Our union, speak not a word

Silence speaks volumes

Responsively heard

In rapturous loving

In pure ecstasy -

Here in our world

There is just you and me

Soon, all too soon

Dawns' cool reflection

Means I must go

Back to life - and deception.

Look, Look at your man Arms outstretched Wanting to hold you Touch, Touch your man Feel his warm body Respond to your touch Smell, The scent of your man The scent of his being And his freshly washed hair Taste, Taste your sweet man Taste his lips, and his body As you interrelate Listen, Hear your man Whisper words of endearment Midst cries of ecstasy Look, Look at your man Smiling at you Whilst you sleep on his pillow

Pleasure Me Top

Take my hand, lead me to our secret place

Kiss me, touch me, and as my body cries for more

Pleasure me,

I touch your face, with whispering fingertips,

Tracing the contours of  your being, with delight and ecstasy

As you pleasure me

Hold me, as I hold you, our bodies intertwined

As one. Taste my skin as I taste you, with gentle lips

You pleasure me.

Kiss my breasts, my belly -  make me sigh,

 Let your tongue slide between my thighs

As you pleasure me.

Let me take you between my lips

Caress you with my tongue and more

To pleasure me

 To pleasure you is my desire; to have your body aching for mine

I need you to want me -  I hold you close,

And pleasure you,

To pleasure me.