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...faithless... the literary bloopers...



::my mother and me::



::crossing over::

::2 faces::


::to a traitor::

::prison walls::

::TV world::

::playing the fool::

::new beginning::


::the lovelorn::

::the battle of wills::

::all the blame::



poetry. these were written since i was in second year high school, i think. most of them suck, probably because i was so damn clueless and naive then. don't know if it improved somewhat...

i tried experimenting with some of those poems, like putting out equal numbers of syllables, cranking out rhymes and shit. in short, i really don't know what i'm doing. but i agree with those people who said that writing down stuff helps your soul. some of these helped me through rough times, although now i look back at these stuff and cringe.



::such a pity::

::so angry::

::the long wait::

::my letter::



::today's sunset::


::moving on::

::into the unknown::

::rollercoaster ride::



::a state of confusion::

::a requiem::


*weirdly enough, the inspiration was the tv series 'friends.' but instead of 6 neurotic middle-aged new yorkers, i put in there 4 messed-up pinoy teenagers with different cravings.*

::twenty minutes::

*a man and a woman who live in the same condominium get stuck in the elevator. made for readers who prefer sappy, romantic endings.*

short stories. i've been trying to write a novel ever since i can remember. i used to brag to my sister's friends that i'd be a pulitzer prize-winning novelist someday; in those darned slambooks way back in elementary i'd write 'author' as my future dream. it's easier to say, but much harder to do. afflicted with writer's block, i gave up on it after a couple of years and stuck to poetry... until jm (god bless you!) asked me to proofread one of the short stories he wrote. i read it, was impressed, went home, opened my laptop, and started typing, without a second thought to the storyline, character development, or the political correctness of the dialogue. after a few days of finally editing it, the result was 'addictions.' my ego became inflated at the thought that damn, i can finally write! three other stories followed 'addictions' (with deep reflection this time, thank you very much). so basically, i ditched poetry and moved on to my childhood ambition. not like it's really gonna happen anyway...

::the moira chronicles::

*this girl chances upon another girl's blog. 'nuf said.*

::going home::

*an experimental story: the main character is depicted throughout the whole 18-or-so pages with her not saying a damn thing. really hard to do, but come to think of it, no one ever tries this concept...*


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