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MY 10 MOST FAVORITE NON-RANKED GUITAR PLAYERS (This doesn't mean that I consider them to be the best guitarist out there, just my favorites.)

Mike Einziger -> Incubus Technique centered on Powerchords, Sustained chords, and Diminished Chords. Though might seem lazy and simple to create what he does it really isn't. Mike's ear for melodic and heavy tunes combined with funk-style is what Drove Incubus to the Mainstream. People complain that his versatility is lacking when it comes to guitar solos, well he doesn't have to prove them wrong. His music speaks for itself!

Dan Estrin -> Hoobastank Though compared by mediocre critics being like Incubus' Mike Einziger, his creativity with eccentric tunings to come up with intricate cool sound on the Self-titled Sophomore Album kicks ass! On that album using an open E tuning through out most of the record, gave us guitar players (especially those who just started) a step into a different universe of tuning. Though it has been done before by bands like Black Crowes (and many other earlier blues rock bands), Estrin embraced it on their first 2 records. For their third act according to a guitar magazine interview, Estrin said that it was gonna be in open C tuning. I can't wait!

Teppei Teranishi -> Thrice I just found out about this guy, and I am speechless. His way to combine Neo Classical riffs, with 80's Heavy Metal techniques is above remarkable. He is also not affraid to incorporate freestyle playing in most of conventional riffs which gives his style sort of a mix of power chord/guitar solo feel which you don't see that often. You want to know something else before he joined the band he didn't play with a pick at all.

Daniel Johns -> Silverchair Even though he would always be compared to Kurt Cobain (Mostly vocally and image), Daniel never played in any way similiar to Kurt. Having gone Mainstream at the age of 14 with his Australian partners and getting it right (How many 14 year olds got it right at 14?), they produced their first two Grunge like Albums. The band later digressed on their third album Neon Ballroom to a different take of Silverchair which surpriced and alienated some of their dissapointed grunge fans. Still with their fifth album on the way, Daniels versatile guitar playing, heavy, and melodic sound is what makes us true Silverchair fans begging for more.

Mike Mushok -> Staind His heavy and dark- sounding riffs signatures the heavy side of Staind. His intricate positional signature licks although "positional" is anything but simple-playing. Mainly playing in open C tuning his playing resembles a mix between Alice in Chains with Megadeth.

Todd Whitener -> Tantric (and former of Days of The New) His fast picking "Grunge" like style techniques is his signature. Jumping from string to upcoming string (not the next string but the one next to the next and sometimes next to the next of the next and.. you get the idea?) essentiates his passion for rough grunge tunes in not just his signature riffs, but also in his Pearl Jam-like guitar solos. Though having gone from Days of The New to Tantric along with the same bassist, and drummer, his style remained the same. Tantric's second album is on its way. I am excited!

Jerry Cantrell -> Alice in Chains Having gone solo after AIC's breakup in the mid 90's his playing remained the same. In a way you could say that his music now is what AIC would have sounded like if they wouldn't have broken up. His playing was very unique from other Grunge band's rough heavy sound, which he was able to present it in a almost "Haunting" blues sound. I love it!

Simon Ormandy -> Trapt Like Hoobastank's Dan Estrin, Simon Ormandy produced most of his riffing in an alternate tuning. Going from standard, Drop D, Open C, and other tunings this man doesn't limit his possiblities in any way. Still his style resembles Estrin's style to a point. What makes him different? Ormandy's style and technique is basic Neo classical, and Estrin's based in Blues/Funk.

Kurt Cobain -> Nirvana Being responsible for the early 90's Grunge popularity which was introduced in Nirvana's sophomore record Nevermind, Kurt brought simplicity in a form of spychadelic/punk to an Alternative. His eccentric capacity to incorporate mute strumming in the only way he can, was pioneering. Today many guitarist copy both his strumming and picking arrangements left and right. Still even though his stuff is what basic is today, back then he went with it as simple as it was, and it was fucking great!

Slash -> Guns N Roses His blues guitar playing which resembled Jimmy Page's in a 80's Heavy Metal Scene, which brought back all the elements that were great from the 70's to a new era. Playing "Singing Guitar" on a pentatonic scale form during his epic solos is what he's all about.


Steve Howe, Adam Jones, Andy Summers, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Kirk Hammet, Billy Howerdell, Tom Morello, Kim Thayil, Micheal McCready and Timothy Mahoney.