My Current Favorite 10 Bands

*NOTE*: Just because I wrote this list it doesn't mean I consider them the best out there!!

Foreword: These are the current artist/records I have been listening within the last 6 months or so, leading up to the new. I am not ranting of how great these bands actually are, but just expressing myself why I listen to them. Yes I may come of as being a bit bossy about the bands material somewhere within the text commanding/persuading readers to listen to them, or may come of as being a follower of a band just for their hype which neither of those are the case at all, or even close to being true. Still this is about what I am currently am, and have been listening to up to now. I’m a geek about what I hear, and have a diverse collection of CDs that amount to nearly 160, so don’t get me wrong.

Smile Empty Soul

Their Self Titled debut record may not be categorized as being top quality for being compared to old Grunge, and some current fad acts. Still regardless of how the media or other hype opinionated music critics may tell the masses how they should feel about them, if one was to listen to the record for what it truly is without the constant comparison, one would fairly say that it is that Fucking Good! With Heavy riffs, and solo Acoustic tracks this is an overly satisfying, and geniusly distributed talented repartee by this trio. If you haven’t checked this album out yet, you’re missing out!


This currently independent unsigned band may be the best kept secret, and most potentially huge big act for the near future. With their new independent release “Did You Know People Can Fly?” and previously released EP “Humania,” this band shows how much range, poise, and raw talent they have. With eccentric guitar playing by Aaron Tollefson, and Uplifting vocals and Lyrics by Chris Ruff, this band is got what it takes. If you want to check them out or want to by their albums you can check them out at, and buy can buy it on their Merch section of the site or on Go get it, cause you’ll love it!


Many people may have mixed feelings about their recently released “A Crow Left of The Murder,” and not saying this because Incubus is my all time favorite band, but this may be one of their best work yet! Albums like Fungus Amongus, S.C.I.E.N.C.E, Make Yourself, and Morning View have brought some expectations that some people were hoping they were gonna hear all over again. The fact is that this is a different time, and those days are behind them. With newly acquired Ben Kenney from The Roots to incorporate both bass playing, and better back up vocals to the quintet, the band has not only acquired a new band member, but a whole new approach.


The main reason I love their music is because of Teppei Terranishi’s guitar playing. Without taking away the rest of the band I have to give Dustin’s credit for coming up with incredible lyrics and vocals. Having 2 albums prior to the major debut released “The Artist in The Ambulance” Thrice is no stranger to the hype, for they have already built a name for themselves and have been an underground success prior to the major debut. If you want to debate that they don’t make good sounding music to your appeal, you should consider that they put out great material above all that commercial stuff people really like.


When their third album was released on early December “The Reason” came off as being a lesser talented record from the previous. I will probably look back and say that the Self Titled album is better than this one mainly for I’m already saying so. This is a good record for what it is. People are saying that they are not what people expected of them all the time. First when the self titled album came out they said they sounded like Incubus prior to having the record released to have many people disappointed for having bought the albums. The reason “The Reason” is a good record is to make people finally realize that they are their own, and that they are not imitating any other band. Their sound is their own, and hopefully now it will be expected that they are not trying to imitate no other bands out there.


I may be listening to their recently released “War All of The Time,” more than I should care for. There is something about the whole album that is not that diverse from track to track, but whatever it is it makes you keep coming back to listen to it. In my own personal opinion I like what I hear and at the same time I feel confused why I even like it. The whole production is not that great, it is not overly fancy, and it’s not like I haven't heard something like this before. In the end I am just gonna say that it is just what I need in the end of the day.


Waiting for her new release to come out sometime this spring, I have to say I am completely curious about what should be expected. It’s not 1998 anymore (when she last released “A Breath Of Another”), and since then she has released a few singles for some movie scores on soundtracks, and collaborations. She has the voice, and talent. Let’s just see what will come out next.


The one and only major complain that might be said about Trapt is probably Chris Brown’s agonizing complaining vocals. Regardless, this is a good solid band and one of the best bands currently out there, if you want to accept this or not that’s up to you. With amazing guitar playing, and co- songwriting in part of 7 Stringer Simon Ormandy, in no doubt there should be said that these guys are just passing by for a one time ride. If you can’t stand them by now, I won’t blame you for listening to the overplayed radio exposure. However, they made a solid good record, and most people haven’t experienced it. So, buy the record, see them live, and then make your own opinion.


Most music critics don’t give Deejays their due, for it’s been said that Deejays play other people’s music to incorporate them into their own. This Deejay/Songwriter for the most part only samples his own stuff (along with his keyboard) from a universal surrounding of sound, to a full track of great electronic music. With good unknown independent recording artist making in many of his tracks, he just needs the right element to make his music sound remarkably sounding. If you’re into experimental Trance or Techno check some of his stuff out, you might like it.

Story Of The Year

It’s been over a month since I got “Page Avenue” at the store. Like Thursday’s “War All of The Time” their record pulls me in, and at the same time makes me wonder why I even like it. There are kick ass guitar playing, good vocals, good percussion beats, so I guess their good musicianship is what keeps me listening to their record. Yeah they probably sound like some acts I have heard before, but I don’t go for that. I just listen to a band’s own point of view, and if it does sound too much like what may sound like some other band then I accept that and move on. Still S.O.T.Y. has done a good job, and I think it’s fairly to say that imitation or no imitation thus far they are reasonably good for what they are.

Notable Mentions: A Perfect Circle, Tool, Mars Volta, Deftones, Glassjaw, The Police, Vertical Horizon, Die Trying……..