My Favorite 10 Female Vocalist/Lyricists

*NOTE*: Just because I wrote this list it doesn't mean I consider them the best out there!!


Having started her career as the lead singer for the group Sugarcubes. This Icelandic native singer was destined for better. Though during her Sugarcubes days her singing was all over the place, gone solo made an impact of what she was really capable of. While “Vespertine” is one of my favorite records, her voice keeps enticing in an almost hypnotic sound that soothes your mood in a state of harmony. In the end I am just out of words.

Dolores O’Riordan -> Cranberries

In my opinion the Greatest Celtic type Vocalist to ever be in an Alternative Rock Band. Her ability to keep a great melody and make it sound like your world is extremely energetic, is what keeps me going back to hear her voice. Back when “No Need to Argue” came out in the mid 90’s, it hypnotized the masses, making everybody wanting more. With Songs like “Zombie”, and “Ridiculous Thoughts” Dolores with her beautiful voice put them on the highest exposure. Too bad fans faded after the “Salvation” single came out. To me it doesn’t matter. Her voice is worth buying their records.

Tori Amos

Her eyes may seem on a verge to steal your soul if you were to stare to long into them, and if you want to argue between her beauty and her musical talent it may take awhile. For someone who has such a great voice, Tori is a remarkable pianist as well. Being taken as a fad that showed so much promise, and not proved to be in the long run might be questionable. Still Tori’s talent is presented as only she can, and even though the airwaves don’t play her music anymore, she doesn’t need that in order to continue selling her records. She’s done well considering.

Fiona Apple

Anger thrown in form of words to be sound like a statement in a way only she can express, while keeping it classical in it’s own intention. One moment the melody she maintains on her songs flow nicely, then BAM! She’s all over your face. Known mainly for having such great debut on her first released album “Tidal,” everyone thought they had her figured out until the follow ups came out. Suddenly it became different, and obscure with time mainly for being unique and metamorphing in between albums into different forms. Still she’s still out there, and keeps making albums even though you might ask what happened to her every now and then.


Her voice is so soft, so moving it will move you sometime towards the end of her songs. Being more of an obscure, and very sexy act of a show to see is what has made her a highly demanded act that you don’t see every day. Music influenced in form of an old fashion Jazz act, which you don’t see anymore is what makes her different from the next artist. Even though songs like “Smooth Operator,” and “Sweetest Taboo” are know as songs you make love to while listening to them, if you really listen to the by yourself you might orgasm. No not really but it’s still wonderfull.

Laura Pausini

This Italian Grammy winning singer is huge around the world, but not in the US. Singing in Spanish, Italian, some French, and rarely in English on her songs has made her fan base increase, as well as opened doors for her on different continents making her a household name singer. Now being a veteran in the music business for over a decade, there is so much of her music out there that has to be experienced. Still her voice is staggering, and sometimes emotional by melody. So, If you haven’t heard her music yet, you are missing out.

Sarah McLachlan

Great soothing voice, so relaxing it can makes you go to sleep with a smile on your face. Not in a bad way but in a good way. Her music comes off as new age, techno, and contemporary, all at the same time. Having a voice so beautiful, enchanted, even haunting within the melody is hypnotic to the beat. Known also for great live concert performances as she produced on the live album “Mirrorball,” proves her shows are not to disappoint. A true delight for Soothing Music Lovers.


Not many artist get noticed by their own music until they were heard though some other artist. That’s how Dido got her big exposure once she appeared on Eminem’s Grammy winning single: “Stan.” Though her album was release nearly a year before Eminem’s release. Her first single “Here with Me”(which happened to be the theme song for the TV Show Roswell) was getting reasonable airplay on some radio stations though the exposure was held to the minimum. Yet after being feature on “Stan,” everyone checked her out. With great albums like “No Angel” and “Life for Rent” you can hope for more good albums in the future.

Michelle Branch

Michelle is probably one of the most prolific writers today to be overshadowed by her quasi pop status. Even though in her first album songs there were too much pop influenced on the album, it showed promising as it had great lyrics, and decent musicianship. Once getting e bigger exposure by singing on Carlos Santana’s “Game of Love” it became known that she had a great voice to a wider audience. Then with “Hotel Paper” being released as her sophomore album it took her music to a new level as she was now in control of what she wanted to sound like. She did a good Job. Kudos, Michelle!


In spite of having released only one album, Esthero left a huge number of followers in wait for the new material. With a new album expected some time this Spring, it’s been said that the expectations are nothing like 1998’s “A Breath of Another.” Still having done notable collaborations with Black Eye Peas, and a couple of singles on some Soundtrack albums you can tell that she’s been in the game even though not in the flesh. If you enjoyed her music thus far, as I did let’s hope we get what we’ve been waiting for this long.

Notable Mentions: La India, Pat Benatar, Vanessa Carlton, Jewel, Nelly Furtado, Cristina Scabbia, Amy Lee, Gwen Stefani, etc.....