My Favorite 10 Drummers/Percussionists

*NOTE*: Just because I wrote this list it doesn't mean I consider them the best out there!!

Travis Barker -> Blink182, and Box Car Racer.

Travis Barker is the main reason I listen to Blink182. Although not a big fan of Blink, and other band projects he pursued, he makes it all worth listening to. With frantic fill-ins and upbeat rhythm of beat his skill is perfection on accuracy.

Dave Grohl -> Nirvana

Though far now from his Nirvana days, Dave Grohl made a name for himself back in the mid 90’s as one of the best notable drummers out there. Having collaborated with the drumming process with the Queens of The Stone Age within the last couple of years, proves that he’s still got what it takes. Even though he’s given that up to be a frontman, he still will be given his due as a drummer.

Ben Gillies -> Silverchair

Having started as a teenager in the industry Ben has grown into an above usual musician. Now with 4 Silverchair albums on his back, and us fans hoping for the 5th to see the day of light if possible, Ben, and the band are currently focusing on starting their personal life before they play another tune. Even though rumors have been going along that Silverchair might have played their last gig, us fans have nothing but hope that those rumors never become reality. If indeed it’s the end, I’d be heart broken I’d say that much.

Jose Pasillas Jr. -> Incubus

If you were to ask Jose how you can improve on your drumming skills, he would say for you to explore different Genres i.e. records, while you play along to them. Being also able to play other instruments as well gives Jose better understanding of what he does, and is able to bring to the table. Now with their new record “A Crow Left of The Murder” coming out this early February the expectations are high for us Incufans. Then again Jose, and the rest of the band has yet to disappoint us.

Lars Ulrich -> Metallica

Probably the best drummer of the 90’s era, Lars Ulrich is more than just some drummer. His part as a leader among his band mates is notable, and given the respect not only as a musician but as a trend setter. His signature playing with heavy rushing continuous beats gave envy beyond worship to make him one of the best, and hated drummers out there. Considering I am not a Metallica fan I would still remove my hat for him. Kudos, Lars!

Taylor Hawkins -> Foo Fighters

If you’re gonna play drums for an ex-drummer’s bandleader you gotta measure up to play as good, or better than him. Taylor Hawkins is an example by that nature. The vision behind Dave Grohl’s vision of music goes as he would be the one playing all the instruments around him. Since he is incapable of playing all of the band instruments at the same time, the company that are to embark on Grohl’s journey have to be Grohl approved. Taylor Hawkins I salute you!

Chad Sexton -> 311

This guy has probably the hardest job of all these other guys. As most of the others concentrate on their own band sound, Chad has to concentrate on the curve ball that is about to come his way. Although, the band’s main concentration goes to Nick Hexum, Timothy Mahoney, and P-nut, Chad has been able to keep a low profile, then again he’s in good company. 311 rules!

Adrian Young -> No Doubt

Know to be the almost naked drummer in the industry. This guy proved that he belonged even though he lied in his audition prior to being in the band that he’d been playing longer than he did (about a year or so he was into playing). Now with all the fame, and records that came after he joined, he should be considered the luckiest guy ever. Kudos, Adrian. Kudos!

WUV -> P.O.D.

Not being a fan of P.O.D. myself says a lot of WUV being in this list. On occasion that I have seen some live footage I see him banging the drums all over it. With song like “Southtown”, and “Youth of A Nation” his ability to go by the rhythm in a almost physically exhausting. Still, now with the “Payable on Death” record, his playing is still at top of his game. I’ll try listening to his playing from a distance.

Chris Hesse -> Hoobastank

Like most on this list Chris is a multi- instrument player, and has performed all of them in different bands prior to being with Hoobastank. He probably would be the most underrated on this list, and you never hear from his playing. Yet if you listen to the background every now and then you’d find a liking to it, when you find yourself trashing your room a bit by it.

Notable Mentions: Tommy Lee, Sam McCandless, Dave Krusen, Dave Buckner, William Goldsmith, Rick Allen, Morgan Rose, etc.....