My Favorite 10 Bass Players

*NOTE*:Just because I wrote this list it doesn't mean I consider them the best out there!!

Micheal Balzary (aka. Flea) -> Red Hot Chili Peppers

Know to as one of the most energetic bass basher of all-time. Flea established himself as a GOD among peers, and aspiring musicians. Having collaborated with Jane’s Addiction in the 90’s, this character stops at nothing to expand his horizons. Along side with guitarist John Fusciante these two are impressive, devided well you heard the non Fusciante RHCP records. Still Flea’s material was always well presented, he’s the main reason RHCP has stayed on top. With his versatility to expand and go from top to bottom, bottom to top of the bass neck with Funky Bashing as only he can is just simply amazing just to witness.

Krist Novoselic-> Nirvana

Known better for his Nirvana days, Krist Novoselic hasn’t been able to bounce back from it all. Having failed with all the band projects afterwards (including the recently failed ‘Eyes Adrift’ project), Krist ended up calling his career over for the moment. Along side with long departed Kurt Cobain their chemistry was one of the best ever put together in a band. Adding Psychadelic, Punk, and Classical Beatles’ like rhythm playing were just uplifting for the Grunge trio. Giving a new title to Rock as Alternative.

Mike Prichard (aka. Mike Dirnt)-> Green Day

The word “Versatility” would mean very little when it comes to Mike Dirnt. Back at the turn of the early 90’s when record labels were trying to get as many new punk rock/alternative bands out there Green Day stuck out like a sore thumb to be signed. Green Day mostly known as a great All Around Band, Dirnt’s contribution brings intricacy feel to their sound. With Billy Joe Armstrong mainly playing rhythm guitar, Dirnt had to compensate for Billy Joe’s lack of lead guitar playing (Though still kick ass!). With bass solos in songs like “Welcome to Paradise” along with great bass fill- ins, this guy deserves the trophy. He’s “The Man!”

Justin Chancellor-> Tool

Growing up in England listening to UK influences like Zeppelin, Cream, The Doors, and early Sabbath is where Justin’s inspiration lies. Although I don’t know how to really describe Justin’s playing. To me it’s like new wave music rhythm, on a haunting Gothic scenario. Now, many bass players out there today listen to Justin’s playing for inspiration. You can just name many new acts that embraced his unique elements of playing: System of a Down, Chevelle, Limp Bizkit, Sinch, Trapt just to name a few. He's a pioneer!

Reginald Arvizu (aka. Fieldy)-> Korn

Intensity on Energy is what describes my take on Fieldy. Just like Flea, Fieldy has developed on his own to bring stumping bass bashing to a new take. But what is his style really? There if Funk, and Metal among other styles in his pocket of repertoire. Sometimes even classical comes into the mix with some flava add to it. I’m out of words, I just gonna say he’s a GOD!!

Shavo Odadjian-> System of a Down

Having grown up as a Kiss fan from early age, and moving up to Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Megadeth, Shavo developed a sense of style of what he wanted to create into his own. Once exposed to bands like Tool, and White Zombie his vision was clearer than ever. Known for his lead bass playing in numerous songs, for the lack of his counterpart, Shavo is the essential part of what makes System of a Down’s killer sound.

Alex Katunich (aka. Dirk Lance) -> (former of) Incubus

Know for his notable early funky works, in albums like Fungus Amongus, and SCIENCE. Dirk slowly found himself diverting from the band’s new ideas. Now with his depart of the band, everyone’s wondering what’s next for him. With 70’s baseline influences, along with funk, punk, blues, and experimental techno Dirk only was one back draw: open minded changes from his own vision. Being criticized among musicians for his simple non complicated approach, has given him somewhat of a slacker for lack of creativity reputation. Yet his work speaks for itself, and he stayed truer to his contributions he had to work with.

Aaron Charles Wills (aka. P-nut) -> 311

Ska, Hip Hop, Punk, Funk, Alternative, Blues, and Jazzy are all the elements P-nut brings to the table. His awesome and often beautiful playing that he has showed since the band was introduced into the mainstream in the mid 90’s has matured onto it's own (From his early to present). Having grown with Orange County Punk, and Ska influences along side of Timothy Mahoney, he compliments to the top of the idea to give 311 what have made them famous. Not only P-nut is a remarkable bass player, he probably one of the most overlooked bass players out there. Go P-Nuts!

Nick Oliveri-> Queens of The Stone Age

For some reason energetic dynamics come to mind when I think of Nick Oliveri’s playing. His uplifting playing on songs like “Know one Knows,” proves how energetic he can take his rhythm bass playing to new heights. His key bass playing is one of the most overlooked elements of how great Queens of The Stone Age’s last album was. All I have to say I am thirsty for more.

Markku Lappalainen-> Hoobastank

Having two records on his back, (and the 3rd on coming out on Dec. 9) Markku has brought along side of guitarist Dan Estrin to be a great combo to hear. Playing Songs like ‘Up and Gone’ and ‘Pieces’ shows his validity within the band as a key element to the Group. Having studied at Notre Dame University on Classical Composition, he expanded his horizons as he able to play numerous musical instruments. Being influenced by Megadeth, Iron Maiden, and Techno music shows how his range of music can be endless. With the new record coming out it should be great to see how it turns out.

Notable Mentions: Jeff Ament,Duff Mckagan, Paz Lenchantin, Gene Simmons, Matt Cameron, Chris Joannou, Ryan Martin, Rick Burch, Jeff Ambercrombie,.....