My Favorite 10 Lyricist/Vocalist

These are my favorite Lyrics/Vocalist. This does NOT mean that I consider them to be the best out there!

Daniel Johns ->Silverchair

Making his appearance at age 14 as the frontman/guitarist for Silverchair, Daniel proved to be more than just some teenager on the mic. From record to record his lyrical maturity expressed how he saw things in life. His life battles, and outspoken opinion connected his persona to the music. With early help of band mate/drummer Ben Gillies (on first album only), Daniel's eccentric views slowly took it's real expression. Almost ten years after his voice, and his lyrical maturity has reached to show that He delivered, and he'll continue to do so.

Kurt Cobain ->Nirvana

Probably one of the biggest icons of the Twentieth Century. Being the frontman of Nirvana Kurt wrote of the dark, disturbed thoughts that haunted him constantly. His way to express himself in a detrimental, and self- destructive nature to a “Face Me Truly” approach paved way for the grunge scene that came to be known by his notable accomplishment in “Smell Like Teen Spirit”, and Nirvana’s “Nevermind” record. Regardless, His death signalized the death of an era.

Brandon Boyd ->Incubus

When Incubus first came out Brandon was just some High School student about to graduate. Taken early as a Funk Metal band, Brandon always explored the idea of expressing himself artistically. From early recordings, to mayor label debut his idea slowly took more than action. It became his way. Even though he's been compared to Faith No More's frontman Mike Patton, his way to deliver poetic intricacies in the same way of expressing frustrations on the same wave length is the way of the new Millennium. Thanks to him, and other local Calabassas' bands that followed, music has a new take. He's "The Pioneer" who took it to a different level.

Aaron Lewis ->Staind

Prior to major record label debut "Experimental Rapping" was often exercised by Aaron, as he was finding his style. Yet never took meaning. With Grunge influences like Eddie Vedder & Layne Staley, Aaron knew what he wanted out of music. His eccleptic vocals, and extraordinary voice encantaded the masses, and created a huge demand shortly after. His powerful life struggling lyrics of mistreated youth, connected to millions who related to them. Now a father in real life, his new material has taken a new meaning. The jury is still out on that one, but his voice is enough to carry him, as everyone awaits to find out where it will lead.

Maynard Keenan James ->Tool & A Perfect Circle

Probably the most eccentric/weird frontman ever, publicly, and privately today: Maynard Keenan James. There is not much to say, just that he’s more poetic than what people give him credit for. Keeping a low profile in the media, and going about his goth persona is what he’s all about. Regardless he’s one of the biggest and influential frontman figures ever. Mostly he’s extremely weird!!!

Eddie Vedder ->Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder today, is The most influential vocalist to all those post grunge vocalist acts that followed shortly after. Aaron Lewis of Staind, Jason Ross of Seven Mary Three, Scott Stapp of Creed, and Travis Meeks of Days of The New, just to name a few. All those leading vocalist are primarily based on the singing technique that was Eddie’s signature. What more can you say?

Jerry Cantrell ->Alice in Chains

Known as the founder, and the second voice of Alice in Chains, Jerry Cantrel was probably the most underrated icon of the early nineties Grunge scene. His ability to write songs on a personal, and on third person experiences making it his own gave him an image of a no bullshit to bull person. Modeling himself as a younger Dave Mustain, he never joked about what he said, and sang about. Along with the late departed Layne Staley, both captivated the darkness of mistreatment, and self destructive to a mental visual. Gone solo after AIC breakup in mid nineties is sort of a continuation aftermath of what AIC would have sounded like. Even though it's been awhile the grunge scene left the airwaves, it's a shame that he's not as appreciated as he used to.

J. Lynn Johnston ->(former of) Mad At Gravity

Having grown around Orange County influence, J.Lynn wanted a different take of punk. With Brittish influences like Duran Duran, and Tears for Fears, J. Lynn musically derived toward Brit- Pop to an alternative. After being the last recruited M@G member his perception took both notable potential, and conflict of the band's original musical vision. J.Lynn's ability to lyrically express himself in an almost "Futuristic Poet", who brought in Neo Modern English composition with lesson learned analogies (huh? "think about that!") showed resemblance of Brandon Boyd's in a whole different plane. Talking about "need of self -improvement civilization" with Resonance (like the title of M@G's only album) vocally, and lyrically let's everyone wonder what will become of him. Now pursuing solo career, J.Lynn remains unsigned. Still, too bad the band broke up five months after major label debut. Many fans were heartbroken. I know I am.

Brett Scallions ->Fuel

Probably the most Poetic expressed lyricist todate, Brett along with great vocals and rhythm guitar playing mostly on known Fuel ballads is the signature for this artist. Being a great fan of the Dillan Thomas' poem philosophy is how he goes about it. With nagging vocals, and frustrated melodic scats, Brett doesn't resemble any vocalist prior. It is a shame to say that even though his uniqueness among frontmen he will only be remembered for his beautiful ballads.

Scooter Ward ->Cold

Being discovered by Fred Durst, who called him for help on a song arrangement end up signing him on the spot. Being a struggling musician (as was the band) for many years prior to major label debut signing, Scooter's eccentric take of mistreatment, and disturbed anecdotes to go with gothic frontman stage presence resembling Maynard to a point gave many teens who have contemplated, or attempted suicide a reason to persevere. Now he's an underground icon for Suburbia America. Soon the World.

Notable Mentions: Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, Layne Staley, Douglas Robb, Nick Hexum, Billy Joe Armstrong, Jason Wade, Jim Morisson, and Mike Patton.