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Hi, there! This is Abner. I'm your host. This page has a little bit of everything from Art, and Pictures to Insight, and Jokes. I also keep this Daily Junk of The Day Journal on this Main Page that says something about me, or about what is on my mind on that day. The page is NOT completly finished at the moment, but enough said, Check The Whole Site!

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Aug 17, 2005

I no longer have the time, or I'm just too lazy to update this site. I can say that I no longer will post anything within the near future. So, sorry if you have been expecting a comeback for months. Besides I don't think that anyone was really checking in or reading the crap I have been writing on this site. I did enjoy the time when I first started this site, and I want to thank all those who visited this site one time or another, especially those who took the time to sign my guestbook. Other than that don't expect the lingering things that still remain to what's left to this site to remain withing the next few weeks or months. Next time I get the chance all of it will be deleted. Thanks for visiting!

June 8, 2004

Today makes exactly 1 year since I started this page. At first I had no concept, which after a few months became into this site. Yeah I know I still have not filled some of the features on this so called site. But so far I would say it went way better than I ever hoped. Hopefully in one year I will have doubled my total hits, even though it's been awhile since it had notable momentum. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to check the site, and sign my Guestbook. Let another year start and bring more and more. Thank You All!


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