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A study guide to

A novel by Victor Kelleher


Two years after Last Days, Australia has become a dangerous place, and a battleground for survival. Ben, who has a telepathic ability to control animals, leads a hazardous existence in the bush west of the Blue Mountains. Hopeful of a kinder life in the city, he escapes to Sydney – only to be further disillusioned. Then, at the heart of the city, he comes upon Taronga Zoo, which has been strangely unaffected by the general chaos. Or has it?
Is it an island of safety in the midst of so much danger? Or is it really the most sinister place of all?

Sample Study Guide Chapter

Part 1 - The Calling

Chapter 1

1. ‘He Called again’ (3). Why do you think ‘Called’ starts with a capital letter?
2. Why did Ben decide not to lead the kangaroo into danger?
3. Who is Greg?
4. ‘Its eyes, he noticed, conveyed a sense not of alarm, but of trust. That same self trust which, over the past months, had come to haunt him’ (5). Why do you think Ben is feeling this way?
5. Describe the relationship between Greg and Ben.
6. ‘I’m like the dingo … the two of us … the same’ (7) In what way is Ben like the dingo?
7. Why did Ben want to leave Greg? How does Greg feel about this happening?
8. ‘Yet still it wasn’t wise to dwell on such memories’ (9). Why not?
9. What is a ‘Caller’?
10. How do you think Ben was feeling at the end of this chapter?


stealthily, deserted, earlier, ridge, warning, invisible, hesitation, lulled, signifying, momentarily, curiously, consciousness, vitality, sizable, rustling, obscured, familiar, direction, effectively, enough


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