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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

by C.S. Lewis

Chapter 1 – Lucy looks into a wardrobe

1. Who was the first person to open the wardrobe? 2. Who did the children go to live with ? Why? 3. Find the dictionary meanings of the terms; glossy, inquisitive, immediately 4. Draw a picture of the Faun that met Lucy

Chapter 2 – What Lucy found there

1. Name two books on Mr Tumnus’ bookshelf 2. Lucy and Tumnus danced. What is your favourite song to dance to? Why do you like dancing to it? 3. What did the Faun intend to do with Lucy? Why did he change his mind? 4. What words would you use to describe Lucy? (your first impression of her)

Chapter 3 – Edmund and the wardrobe

1. What did the other children say to Lucy when she came back? 2. Who followed Lucy into the wardrobe? Why do you think they followed her? 3. Who was sitting on the sled?

Chapter 4 – Turkish Delight

1. Edmund likes Turkish delight. What is your favourite food? Draw a picture of it. 2. What did the Queen tell Edmund about her house? 3. Why did Edmund not believe Lucy when she told him how nasty the White Witch was?

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