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Anne Frank Home


Margot Frank
1926 - 1945

Anne once said that she is always being told, "Why don't you follow your sisters example!". It seemed to Anne that she was always in her sister's shadow, since Margot was always the better behaved, and praised, of the two. But really, it is now Margot who is always in Anne's shadow thanks to her diary. There is really nothing much that is known about Margot, except the little Anne mentions in her diary. Every now and then Anne mentions something interesting about Margot, but not enough to give a better picture of who she really was, and most probably nobody ever knew who the real Margot was, because interviewing those who knew her, we are always given the same answer. In a nut shell, Margot was intelligent, reserved, kind, serious, obedient, the complete opposite of Anne, and just plain invisible, always in the background. Anne described her as 'naturally good, kind and clever, perfection itself'. Also, 'a paragon of virtue!' Sarcastically of course, and Margot couldn't stand it when Anne called her that.

Born as Margot Betti, she was given her middle name in honor of her mothers older sister Bettina who died of appendicitis at 16 years of age. There still exists a baby book where Edith wrote of Margot's progress from when she was born, and it seemed Margot never misbehaved, never got dirty and was always an angel. And that is pretty much how she always remained. Anne and her friends looked up to Margot growing up, but when Anne became a teenager it looked more like she became jealous of Margot because she was good at everything and was always praised for her good behaviour (even though Anne always protested that she wasn't jealous). I think Anne was jealous, but not because she wanted to be like her sister, but because Margot was never suspected of doing anything wrong, so if something wasn't right, the blame immedietly fell to Anne. Margot was trusted and taken seriously, whereas Anne says she is always being treated as a child. And who wouldn't get ticked off and have a little resentment for a sibling who you are always told to be more like, always being compared to?

In an entry where Anne lists everybodies interests, this is what was listed for Margot:

Correspondence courses in English, French and Latin, shorthand in English, German and Dutch, trigonometry, solid geometry, mechanics, physics, chemistry, algebra, geometry, English literature, French literature, German literature, Dutch literature, bookeeping, geography, modern history, biology, economics; reads everything, preferably on religion and medicine.

Whoa, just reading it makes my head hurt, could you just imagine how intelligent Margot must have been to have all those subjects as her interests??

At one point in hiding, Margot and Anne began exchanging letters to each other, and started to become closer than ever before. Otto suggested to Margot that she share a secret with Anne so they could become better friends, and that is where the letter exchanging began, so here we get to know alittle more about Margot. In one of the letters Anne copied into her diary, Margot says:

I'm just sorry I haven't found anyone with whom to share my thoughts and feelings, and I'm not likley to in the near future... I think I'd need to feel very close to a person before I could share my thoughts. I'd want to have the feeling that he understood me through and through, even if I didn't say much. For this reason it would have to be somebody I felt was intellectually superiour to me...
March 20, 1944

This might be a reason why we don't really know who Margot is now. During her time in hiding, Margot kept to herself more than ever, closed herself up. It was hard for anybody to understand what she was feeling because she didn't express herself, she was passive and accepted whatever was given to her. At the same time, she wanted to be understood without having to expess herself, so unless her family were mind readers, they never really knew the real Margot, because I'm sure that what we know of her now was not the complete Margot, it was a depressed and aloof Margot. To finish, I want to add this one small paragraph from the diary which is quite interesting:

Last night Margot and I were lying side by side in my bed. It was incredibly cramped, but that's what made it fun. She asked if she could read my diary once in a while. "Parts of it", I said, and I asked about hers. She gave me permission to read her diary aswell.
October 14, 1942

So Margot also kept a diary, but nothing else is known about it, the only evidence there is that it ever existed is in that one line. Not even her father Otto knew she kept a diary until he read Anne's diary. It was most probably lost when the annexe was emptied out after the arrest, yet I'm sure there are all sorts of theories out there. I'm also sure there are many people out there, including me, who is just dying to know what Margot wrote about, just to atleast know her a little better.