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Lets see, first of all I would like to say welcome to my homepage. If you know me then you already know my name but for those visiting, my name is Arelia. I am a 31 yr. old mother of 3 very beautiful, intelligent, and loving children. They are my world and I am glad God allowed me to be part of their lives today. God has blessed me with so many other new gifts and at a later time, you will be introduced to them as well.

Although my past stares me in the face on a daily basis, and I am always reminded of it, I don't choose to dwell on what was. I am more concerned about what currently is, and what is to come. My future looks bright, why hide in the pasts darkness!

At times you are going through all types of pain, I wish I could remove it from your life but, mommys powers are limited when you keep her at arms length. You've expressed your anger towards mommy and daddys situation and I've respect your words. I know what you've seen and heard your daddy say about me influenced your words greatly. Just know that mommy still loves you and always will. I see the relationship you have with your daddy and I promise that no matter who comes into my life I will never ask you to compromise what you have with your daddy. I just ask that you allow that man to love me as well as you and your sisters as if he were your father.

I missed almost every part of your turning into the beautiful young lady you are today, and although I can not change the past or try and take that back, I want to work on our future together. You are the real reason why mommy worked so hard to get her life in order. You, as well as your sister and brother make my heartbeat. Although God is the true giver of second chances, I want to thank you for allowing mommy to be a part of your life and express how greatful I am that you welcomed me with open arms as if I never missed a day of your life. Mommy Loves You. Lets Grow Together!

When its night and its all quiet in the house, I go to your room and look at you sleep. And when I walk in there I think, "damn, where has all the time gone?" You have grown so fast. Now you are mommy's big girl. And you make me smile everyday, with all the funny things you say and do. Even when I'm upset at you, at times I have to turn my face because you make me laugh. When someone is sad, you right away want to make them laugh. You are a very beautiful girl and I love you with all of my heart, yes even when you make me angry. And the one thing I love about you the most is that no matter where you are, you always bring mommy back kidding. But honestly, whatever you choose to do in life I will love you and accept you, no matter what. You are mommys' true blessing. I love you!

Was it in God's plan to make you all my children? I wonder about this. I wonder what I did to deserve these three wonderful kids that make my existance worthwhile! How did it ever come to be that I was chosen to be your Mommy? All the great accomplishments people give me credit for today will never compare to the great feeling I receive from just hearing you call me mommy. I hear yall laugh with that mischevious little kid giggle, and wonder what it is that you guys are plotting! Your minds are so curious and your endeavors to drive me crazy make me love you even more. I hope that I am a good mommy to you and that you love me even half as much as I love the three of you. I can not promise yall that dark clouds will never hover over your lives but I can promise I will always try my best to be your shelter from the rain. I promise to do my best to make you happy and make sure you know that you are loved.