Sometimes Life Takes a Turn by Theresa Jodray

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. You may be searching perhaps for a direction or someone or something to come around and change your life. My life has had many ups and downs and twists and turns. I have had many careers but I still didn't feel fulfilled by them. I had been studying my bachelor's degree, working towards my Ph.D. in Parapsychic Science. I had worked as a photographer and had dabbled around with writing here and there, but I never really felt fulfilled. Then one day I was surfing around on the Internet under 'Careers' - by chance I came upon an Internet writing community called Themestream.

I became acquainted with other writers and photographers as I posted my work at Themestream. I soon found myself networking with others who had thoughts and interests similar to my own. Since then, I have received my bachelor's and master's degrees in my chosen field; I have established friendships with a network of fellow authors; I have sold a number of articles and photographs; several of my books have been published - all because of a chance click on a site called Themestream.

Not only has my life felt more fulfilled since that chance, but also my newly acquired friends have helped me through difficult times; for instance, when I was caring for foster children, when I was diagnosed with emphysema, and when I was away from my family after a transfer to Alaska. Most importantly, being part of a network of writers who share stories and band together to get the word out has helped me guide others who are in or have been in abusive situations.

The fact that people really enjoy my writing constantly amazes me, for I am not a technical writer. I just follow my mother's advice to express myself freely, to just be me. She always told me to be myself not a follower. She said I should not to be afraid to try what my heart desired. Of course I have my doubts: I feel exposed and vulnerable as I write from the heart, leaving my emotions out in the open for all the world to see. Still, I love to share my work with others, especially my nature photography, for I see awesome beauty in every aspect of nature.

I am working on getting all of my mother's writing and my own writing together into a book. My greatest accomplishment will be to have our book published - that is my dream and fondest wish as a writer. I grew up enjoying my mother's imagination expressed in her grand tales and poetry, which really encouraged me to open up and be me, to have a life of my own.

Yes, I have spread my wings as a writer. I am very thankful for the God-given chance to express myself and to share my love for life and nature with others.

Copyright 2001 Theresa F. Jodray

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