Something by Theresa Jodray

Something slid across my face;
I remembered the disgrace.
I trusted you in this place;
You put me in haunted space.

Something broken; oh, my nose.
Blackened eyes, I do suppose.
Makeup worn with great disguise.
Many, many awful lies.

Something hidden in that house:
Walk as quiet as a mouse!
The man trusted is a louse:
Go next door, just plain get out!

Something deadly from day one,
Oh, disgrace will hold you, Hon,
For no good is in his plan:
He is just another man.

Things got better when I ran:
Distance rid me of that man!
Now while helping another,
I can be a real mother.

It is something when you can
Just survive to live again,
To have your life back again.
Maybe to trust a good man.

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