River Stone Watching by Cathy Dellinger

River stone sits beside the shore silent

Watching the water flow wondering if and when

It will be taken back into the depths from which it came

Thrown silently into innocent oblivion.

Cattails shade its surface supporting

Its smooth round bulk holding this cool stonelike

Presence amid strong roots

Reluctant to let go, yet knowing.

Willow spreads her canopy

Lifting her skirt amid summer sighs

Dropping it down beneath the cool whisper of autumn

River stone sits still, watching.

Summer breaths a sigh of relief

As the essence of winter on the wings of fall

Hovers over meadows and fields of corn;

Knowing seasons are silent in their approach.

River stone watches

Perched upon the shore strewn with fallen leaves

Unaware, uninhibited, unencumbered

By the silent song of the seasons.


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