Nothing Is as Nothing Does by Judith Leigh Bailey

written by Judith Bailey because David Arthur Walters got me to thinking about Nothing and nothing at all...

In the Beginning
Was the Word,
And the Word was Nothing.
Nothing was
Calm, Quiet, and Still
For quite a long while.
Nothing wanted to see
What nothing looked like,
And discovered that,
To see nothing or even Nothing,
Something had to be added.
And then it got complicated.


Dear Judith,

I enjoyed your poem about Nothing, and I take comfort in knowing that Nothing is the only Subject we absolutely agree on, for Nothing is always Self-Identical as the Absolutely Unconditional. Nothing has no attributes and cannot be conditioned by thought, for thought must have a mutual subjective and objective relation, or a knowing between knower and known. Indeed, the tragedy of our dreary times is the objective faith and its objectivist monstrosities. I speak of the false faith that Nondenominational Nothing must be a spiritual object. Therefore I congratulate you and I urge you to remain steadfast in Nothing. And remember, if someone asks, "Well, if Nothing exists, what is Nothing?", we may allude to Nothing in this reply, 'Nothing is your Freedom." Or, someone might say, "It's your freedom, stupid." But seldom do those who appreciate Nothing resort to such abusive terms.

Yours In Absolutely Nothing,


Copyright 2002 Judith Bailey

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