A Friend Smiles by Cathy Dellinger

A friend smiles, sings praise
I drift along the riverbed
Filled to the brim with new born columbine
Cold water waking me from my sleep.  

Spirits dance beneath raindrops
Nymphs hide as mushrooms swell
Moss unfolds, irridescent green
Watching trillium blush
Behind the lady slippers.  

"It is Spring!"  I scream
To quiet fields wakening
While mindless mind tramps over
Endless dreams, scared stiff
That Spring might succumb to Summer.  

"The season is short," whispers Winter
Hiding under the hay waiting to be baled
Scurrying away until it's time
Reappearing white and quiet
In the distance.  

Spring laughs, cajoled by Summer
Amid the hay and queen anne's lace
"The fields are yet from full
You rose and now you fall
It is just the beginning."  


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