Blue Fragments by Helga Marion Ross

Fragments of Flight


A Blue Butterfly

On a Blue Day.

Respite from the soothing sunshine's soft kisses,

The feather-light billowing caresses of summer's balmy breeze.

Sojourn, change of scene

From vast brightness and limitless fresh spaces to a dreary desk in a colorless corner cubicle.

Prison of modern life,

The dull 'greige', monotone beige semi-private cell known as my Work Station welcomes me,

Careless of the dreams of this reluctant Lepidoptera,

Taut invisible tethers have relentlessly reeled me back to this barren landscape.

The Ivy laid dying while I was away.

The thriving verdant planter I lovingly left behind but tended,

Apparently suffered my substitution in sympathy.

Several brown shriveled tendrils droop tiredly over its pretty hand-painted wicker habitat as still others cling tenuously to life,

Consoling reminder my vacation from day-to-day drudgery is over just in time!

Looks like I must work a little bit longer to preserve both our lives.

Befitting the occasion, blue Blue Butterfly is wearing black -

I don't want to do this anymore.

Outside, office windows reflecting more of the same.

Overgrown concrete jungle.

The darkened sky and pouring rain comfort me, mirror my mood.

I'll be grateful, then, knowing I'm not missing too much today.

Sobering caffeine for me.

Aromatic coffee grounds with cool water and overhead desk-light

For my languishing indoor greenery.

I startup my desktop Dell.

login: USERID, password: "IMALIVE" -

Yes, I am. That's me!

My screen saver. Me looking-at-me from the magnificent vista of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee.

Warming up. check my E-Mail.

I see nothing much has changed.

Same old, same old, with welcome diversions.

I am in this uncongenial place of necessity, but I am in spirit free,

Here only physically. Surrounding framework panels

Sport favored photos and mementos

For my inspiration, appreciation, motivation:

Close-ups of precious pets and persons,

Of tea roses from the garden, twining rose and clematis climbers,

Burgeoning perennials, lounging on my dream-home deck

On sultry summer days -

Pictures from unforgettable forays to out-of-time places,

Landmarks on my continuing Continental odyssey:

Gettysburg, Chancellorsville and Chickamauga Civil War sites - alive with History.

The simple beauty and stark simplicity of battle-scarred Salem Church, Virginia, and New Echota, Georgia, lost Nation of the Eastern Cherokee,

Fragments of flight

Feelings, thoughts, experiences,

Of which I wrote and will write more yet,

When I'm free


Helga Marion Ross
Toronto, Ontario

Dedicated to the endangered Karner Blue Butterfly (Lycaeides melissa samuelis) Clouds of these "beautiful blue snowflakes" once flew in oak savannas and pine barrens from Minnesota to New Hampshire and downtown Brooklyn.

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