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About Neil

Contact Info:

Neil F. Anderson
RR#1, Scotland, ONT
Canada N0E 1R0


Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you sleeping in a safe place?

  2. Do you need earth energies corrected for yourself and your animals? Hartman & Curriers etc?

  3. Do you have noxious energies in Mother Earth under your home?

  4. Is your body projecting its auric energies?

  5. Do you have holes in your auric field that could be causing yourself discomfort?

  6. Do you have other energies with you that are not yours?

  7. Are you at peace within yourself?

  8. Do you have off property voltage in Mother Earth affecting you or E.M.F.?

  9. Have you ever experienced the energies from a labyrinth?

  10. Has your house been frequently sold or have you had a high rate of tenancy turnover and you don't understand why?

  11. Do you have umbilical cords of energy affecting you? If yes, how many?

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