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January School News

Basketball intermurals are coming to an end.
:( AWWWW. But for the senior girls and boys teams they are just beginning. Guys team begins on January 21 and the girls starts on the 28th. Come and cheer on your team!

Mr. Grosfield has already started posting up notices for floor hockey intermurals. The sign up sheet is outside Mr. A's room on the bulletin board. If you want to make a team get a gold sheet and pick 2 grade 7s, 2 grade 8s, and 2 grade 9s, plus 2 players from any grade. Apparantly Allendale bought new floor hockey equipment and we'll be the first to use it!:):):) Due to the lack of space in the gym no spectators will be allowed!

Another note is the badminton intermurals. In order to play you need a partner and you need to sign up in a tournament. You can choose either girls doubles, boys doubles, or mixed doubles.

Yet another note...the 21 tournament finished on january 22. For more details see Sports
Other News

Leadership: Leadership is hosting a pizza day on sometime next week. Order forms have already been handed out in all homerooms (hopefully) so fill them out and get them back this week! If we don't raise enough money we might not afford to have a school dance! :(

Beach Day is also coming up on thursday (yes dr popp THIS THURSDAY) so come dressed up in your beachiest costume. (no, not a track suit, Mr Grosfield) Some ideas include : sunglasses, hat (if we're allowed), tank top/shirt, sorong, towel, sandals. Maybe even an umbrella? There will be activities for all students in the gym as well and as soon as I find out I'll jot them down here.

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I'll keep you updated on all of the upcoming school events. Keep checking back!