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Hottest Celebrities in...


Guys in Movies~ First of all the newest face to the hottie group in the movie world would have to be Orlando Bloom. Some people think he is to die for. You may have heard of him as he stars in the "Lord of the Rings" series, "Blackhawk Down", and a soon to be release movie called "Pirates of the Caribbean". He seems to be the "it" guy right now that everyone just can't get enough of. An old, but good-to-look-at face is Brad Pitt, many people still consider him to be "very hot". Josh Hartnett is also a class 1 celeb; he has the looks, the talent, and the great personality. Ashton Kutcher has also made it big in the movies and TV but we'll get to him a little later. (sorry girls)

Girls in the Movies~ There's one girl in the Movies that is admired by many. It would have to be Sarah Michelle Gellar; she's cute, has a good-looking husband and is liked by virtually all. Julia Stiles has her way with people as well ever since "Save the Last Dance". Reese Witherspoon has a lot of people under her spell ever since the hilarious comedy "Legally Blond" came out.

TV~ Now, shall we start with we start with Ashton Kutcher maybe? Well he is one of the hottest guys around to most people when he first started "That 70s Show". So he's placed at #1 "hot guy" in the TV spectrum right now.

Music~(with a little editorial)For music Ashanti is pretty "in" with lots of the people right now as well as Usher; everybody absolutely loves him! Do you think Christina Aguilera is too "dirty"? I think so, and I think somebody is a little jealous of Britney Spears, eh? I think both of them should cool it down, especially when it comes to looks. But it's not up to me what they do or wear. Gwen Stefani, from "No Doubt" has got it all; the awsome style, the music career, and the fans! No wonder hes making it big in Music.

Thats all for now! Check back later and don't forget to answer our poll!

Who do you think is "Dying" in Hollywood? Why? (Avril Lavigne, etc)We'll post some replies.
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