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Horoscopes for January

Aquarius (January21-Febuary18): You will have a wonderful opertunity to let your creative juices flow. Relax a bit and then you'll be ready to be the life of the party once again.

Pices (Febuary19- March20): You're an excellent and highly skilled dreamer but too much imagination could land you in some hot water. When it comes to guys, cute doesn't always mean he's for you.

Aries (March21- April19): Two words. Get organised and stop procrastinating. Remember a cluttered room makes for a cluttered mind. Amaze yourself with your excellent stay-on-top-of-it skills. Stop wishing. Don't just make a goal, remember to follow through with it.

Taurus (April20- May20): Lighten up. Don't take everything so seriously. Sometimes a joke is just a joke. You can't do everything by yourself so go ahead and ask for help. Your friends will totally stand by you. Take a vacation, well maybe not. At least take a break.

Gemini (May21- June21): Listening to gossip is one thing but spreading rumors is another. Try hard this year to respect pal's privacy.New oppertunities will present themselves. Focus on the things you care about most. Remember: Smile! It makes you look better.

Cancer (June22- July22): Lighten your load. Too much homework is hazardous to your health. Don't over commit to homework and stay up till 3 doing it. You should spread the work around, why are you always doing everything anyways? Watch out not to fall into the trap of low marks.

Leo (July23-August22): Clean up your less than tidy lair. It might also impress your parents(earn you a couple extra bucks$$$$) Eventually the stress in life will give up. You might hit some bumps and waves along the way, but dont lose sight of what matters most. Your friends and family.

Virgo (August23- September22): Relax. Take a nice warm bubble bath or hang out with your pals. Dont put it off. Your procrastinating is bringing you down. Take out some time to just chill out. As far as guys go, dont tell him too soon or it might strike him as a huge surprise so lay low for a little while.

Libra (September23- October23):Try to cut your folks some slack. They are just trying to help you. Still do some of your old favorites but try a lot of new things too. Be innovative!

Scorpio (October24- November22): We know that you're very talented so do everything that you can. Show off but at the same time dont go over the top. Bragging is a bad thing. Ask your friends for support.

Sagittarius (November23- December21): Let your curiosity bring out the best in you. Try researching on an inspirational figure. It will lighten you up. You'll find yourself in a happy new place. Take your positive energy with you everywhere (and stock up at booster juice) but be sure to leave the bad stuff behind.

Capricorn (December22- January20): Put your leadership skills to use. Someone will be in need of your help so look around. You are a born leader. Be prepared for you to be rewarded for you great achivements.

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