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We're going to GERMANY!!!

Our parents have had many oppertunities to gain money for the exchange. First there was the cassino where, for working just one night, you could get 500$ closer to the final goal. Everything now works on a point system. For each meeting you come to and each fund raiser you attend you get 1 point. Each point is worth around 40-50$. This is not divided and i do not think that it comes out of the fund raising. So for example a chocolate drive raised alot of money, we would divide it up between all of the students participating in the exchange and then we would add 40-50$ on top of it for those students (or their parents) who helped out. So really it is a good deal if you get someone to attend meetings.

After the long hours of traveling, sweat, gorgeous architecture, ethnic food and school, we finally realized we were in Germany. Once we got there everything changed. It took getting used to but the whole new experience was amazing. Touring in Rothenburg, München and Berlin helped the whole Germany atmosphere kick in. The teachers and chaperones helped us out so much. They felt like family to us. After the wonderfull sites from our bus tours it was off to Hannover to meet our partners and participate in german school. -Drunkin Monkey