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The Advice Column

This is the section of our site where you send us your problems and we try to help you find a way out. It can be completely confidential as you dont have to leave your real name. If you would like to send us a problem e-mail it to Thankyou!

Weekend Getaway,
I need your help. I have a huge crush on this guy but he doesnt notice me. What do I do?-totally crushed

Totally crushed,
this is a very delicate situation. Maybe you could try hanging out with him more. Or maybe one of your friends could talk to him and bring you up in their conversation. Dont go over the edge though or he might find you, as a subject, annoying!

what do u do if u like a Chico but he seems to like another chica? and u wish u were that chica and would do just about ne thing to find out if he even gives a s*** if ur alive let alone likes u back?- helpless chica

Helpless Chica,
This is a really tough question and i'll work on getting an answer. For now lets see if our viewers can help you! If you might have an answer for Helpless Chica please give your advice to weekend getaway. If you dont want your advice posted then just let us know and we'll tell Helpless Chica. Thanks!

Weekend Getaway,
I dont go to allendale but i still need your help. I sit beside the guy in my class and he keeps getting me into really deep trouble. My rents think i have huge problems even though i keep telling them its not me. My teacher also isn't very nice and i think he favors my seating partner over me. Where do i go from here?-Innocent Angel

Innocent Angel,
I think the best thing to do in this situation is to talk to your teacher in private. If you have a good teacher for that class he/she will probably want to help you improve your "ways". Although you didn't do anything you could probably ask them to move you away from this person so that things improve for you. If the person continues with his/her new seating partner go and tell the teacher that this is what has been happening the whole time. Maybe then he/she will believe you.

Weekend Getaway,
I think that my friends find me annoying because they dont like to hang out or share secrets with me. I dont know what to do. Can you help me?-annoying freak

Annoying Freak,
Just lay off for a while. As much as you might me tempted to ask "What", "Who?" DONT! Just lay off for a bit. Still hang out with them but if it seems like they need some time and space give it to them. Remember that you aren't alone and if worst comes to worst ask them straight on or just ask "are we still friends?" and if you have good pals they'll say yes.