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Hi there!

Welcome to my Kits, Patterns, and Instructions page!

Here you'll find everything you need to get started in several of the crafts you've seen on my webpage.

Basic Crochet Beginner Kit
This kit includes everything you need to get started on a wonderful journey into this fun and relaxing art. I even give you several swatches of the stitches you'll learn, so that you have something to look at, compare to, and feel, to be sure you're on the right track.
Included are: instruction booklet, cotton yarn, crochet hook, pattern booklet (with basic blanket patterns, helpful and timesaving tips, advice on yarn and hook selection, and even a bonus section with hand exercises) and example swatches

Kit: $15.00 ($10 for kit, $5 for shipping/handling) ***************************************************
Pre-order now! (will ship in March, when booklets are finished)

Seraphina's Shawls
This booklet has three different shawl patterns, including the one on the website, for those that would like to have a 'book' version of it. A LOT of pictures to help you every step of the way, and an added section with regular crochet instructions, for those who've been doing this for awhile.
These are my own designs, original to the best of my knowledge, and are definite 'hand candy'. I don't do anything else! :)
(Booklet is bound with heavy linen cover and bound with plastic binder combs.)

Booklet: $8.00 *****************************************************
Pre-Order Now!
Will Ship in March, when booklets are finished.

PVC Spinning Wheel
I've had so many requests for the instructions for this spinning wheel, that I've created a booklet to tell you how to make one of your own.
Make it from inexpensive PVC pipe, available from your local home-improvement or hardware store, and a used bicycle wheel.
This is a perfect starter wheel, for learning the very basics of spinning on a wheel.
NOTE: This is a spindle spinning wheel!!!! This means that it does not have the flyer or treadle that most modern spinning wheels have. This is a very basic tool, and was developed in an effort to create yarn the way they did back in early medieval times.

You can buy the instructions in booklet form, or you can opt to have a PDF file sent to you, and save the instructions on your computer, or print them out yourself. If you chose the latter option, please send me your e-mail address in the 'special instructions' section of the PayPal process.

Booklet: $7.00 ($5 plus $2 shipping/handling)

PDF file: $5

Sprang Kit
Learn the ancient art of Sprang, and you can make items such as towels, scarves, mittens, socks, hats, and many others.
This kit includes:
basic sprang instructions (booklet includes instructions on this site, plus more in-depth information about the history and uses of sprang, as well as a few patterns for bottle covers and a hat.), PVC sprang frame, yarn for several projects, shed sticks, warp sticks, and hand-carved beater sword. Kit: $20.00 ($15 for kit, $5 shipping/handling) ******************************************************
Pre-order! This booklet will be available in April 2004.

Sprang Patterns:
This pattern booklet gives you detailed instructions including pictures, on making shaped sprang, as well as how to measure and guage for items such as mittens, socks, and winter hats. Also includes a section on a few basic decorative techniques such as Z- and S-twist designs, as well as twining in extra colors.
NOTE: You will need a larger frame than the one that comes with the basic Sprang kit. I can supply this, or you can build your own. Booklet: $9.99

Coming soon... Frames for above projects: