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Open Book Concepts  

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Open Book Concepts
The logo illustrates a book which is about to, - and already opened, thus displaying its contents which, (on actual product) you'll find the characteristics of any normal full-fledged book with its:
  1. Introduction
  2. Acknowledgement
  3. Dedication
  4. Foreword or Preface
  5. Credits & Legalities
  6. An Epilogue and its
  7. Contents

What's missing when compared to an ordinary ordinary book would be its:

  1. Contents and
  2. Index

But hey! Its an open(ed) book - so who needs those!

As for the term CONCEPT (or ideas), well, every book is an author (or a group of authors)'s ideas or concepts... But when put together, hopefully, OPEN BOOK CONCEPTS would portray a no holds barred, off-the-cuff, outflow of the author(s)'s ideas which in turn would stimulate the reader(s)'s as well.


It publishes concepts which it deems beneficial and useful to mankind, the the most efftive and fastest way possible, which it calls "Catalystic Learning"

Five concepts have been identified so far, the first being "Salmah's INSTANT MALAY!

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