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This page was started 11/2001. Noah has made some great strides since we started this page.I hope that you will learn from our story and that you...our Family and Friends will continue to follow in our journey and be kept up on current events. Thank you for visiting and for all of the support we have received from the visitors from this page. :) Melanie

This is Noah. He is the love of our lives and the little boy who brought Glen and I together.I would have never used the computer as much as I did, if I had never had him.

11/02 Almost 4 Years Old.

The beginning of our Journey. This is where it all started.

Noah: November 2001 thru April 2002


Autism:Part 1 Asperger's Syndrome

Autism:Part 2 In Terms ANYONE can understand

Section 504 and IDEA plan

Noah in My Eyes

Click on the hand for Terrible 3's information!

Personal pages

Glen's Page!

Melanie's Page!

Family pictures

Our Family Pictures...or at least the Cute One!

More of the Cute One!

Not just the Cute One!

Mother's Day Page!

Week of 4/16/02!

Week of 4/21/02!

For My Father

For Noah's Daddy

Week of 6/15/02

New Updates week of 7/27/02

Pictures of Our Living Space!

New Pics 6/02

Naperville Carousel Horses

Hallmark's Kaleidoscope visits the local park district

ENCHANTED LEARNING: This site has projects for children Prek-6th Grade.

PBS: Between the lions and Sesame Street....

NICK JR: Dora the explorer....Can we do it??? Yes we can!!!! Bob the Builder.

MAKING FRIENDS: Great site for craft projects. Ones to fit any budget .

More Links to Come !!!

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