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Walt Disney's Accomplishments

In Walt Disney'a lifetime he and his staff earned more than 950 honors and citations from every nation in the world. Ths includes 7 Emmys and 48 Academy Awards.Disney's personal awards included honorary degrees from Harvard, Yale, the University of Southern California and UCLA; the Presidential Medal of Freedom; France's Legion of Honor and Officer d'Academie decorations; Thailand's Order of the Crown; Brazil's Order of the Southern Cross; Mexico's Order of the Aztec Eagle; and the Showman of the World Award from the National Association of Theatre Owners. Walt Disney and his staff produced 81 movies in h0is lifetime from Burbank Studio. Also Walt Disney built Disneyland. one of his bigest accomplishments. He produced lots of tv shows, including The Mickey Mouse Club and Zorro. He spent 43-years of a Hollywood career and WOW it payed off.