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A disgraceful episode in the political history of Australia. 

I support Jews against Zionism

One of the most disgraceful episodes in the annals of Australian history took place on 9/07/98 when Zionist Mark Leibler launched a vicious and unwarranted attack on one million registered voters. Their only crime was to vote for the political party of their choice. 

Many of those denigrated by Leibler (and his pressure group) -including me - lost relatives fighting, not only for democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of association but to save the vindictive Leibler’s of the world from future concentration camp ovens. It could be rationally argued that, at a stroke, Leibler, voice of the ADL

 (an oxymoron) and  B'ani B'rith, the Zionist Geheimestatspolitszei have, inadvertently, did more to promote anti-Semitism in Australia than any other person.

               The following cartoon appeared in an Australian newspaper, as far as can be established the cartoonist was "Warren"!             

Zionist controlled Australia 1998

Adolph Hitler's list Germany 1938   Mark Leibler's list Australia 1998

Who would have thought that a Jewish person would use Hitler's tactics to denigrate Australians who risked their lives to rescue the likes of Leibler from the German equivalent of Abu Ghraib?


Is this the fundamentalist face of Zionism in Australia?

 Whatever Leibler and his cohorts Jones, Rubenstein et al, (in Israeli occupied Melbourne), might have to say, this page does not promote Anti-Semitism in any way, it is about, among other things, a very serious threat to the democratic rights of every Australian to vote for the party of his/her choice without accusations (through the captive media) of being “a Nazi, a member of the KKK” or other derogatory terms. It could also be seriously mooted to argue the case for Jew against contemporary Zionism.


Mr Mark Leibler AO (Officer in the Order of Australia) (correct phonetic German pronunciation, appropriately enough, is libeller). The following is a quote and/or prerequisite from The Australian Honours System web page: "Awards are meant to recognise, celebrate and say thank you to those who are dedicated to achieving their best and serving others, those who are united by a commitment to their country and to all humanity".  

 In this particular case, one can only hazard a guess as to who the ‘others’, the ‘country’ or that part of ‘humanity’ to which the award citation refers, but it is certainly not the one million Australians who were publicly attacked by a vindictive Leibler. For what reason? It certainly was nothing whatever to do with Anti-Semitism. No, the million who were attacked had woken up to the activities of the 5th column in this country.  

The Diaspora of the New Zionist Multinational Movement.

 The Rape of Australia was happening before their very eyes, and sadly, this is with the connivance of many of our morally bankrupt puppets of Zionist Washington who pass themselves off as MP’s and loyal representatives of the Australian people. A thinking minority realised their country was under threat and decided to join a political party which would not betray it’s allegiance to this country by kowtowing to; The UN, IMF, World Bank, Neo-conmen, Think Tanks, tax dodging Corporations, Murdoch & foreign based media barons, money launderers or the greedy Zionist ‘tainted-money” shufflers of Wall Street.


Petitions to the Governor-General and the Prime Minister for the removal of Leibler’s AO, proved fruitless: complaints to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission of discrimination, and to the Press Council - a self-serving bunch of eunuchs - of political prejudice, proved equally unproductive. Had Leibler done this to the aborigines, Vietnamese or some other ethnic group all hell would have broken lose, but white, Christian, heterosexual, Australians are now an unrepresented, suppressed minority. The Leibler’s of Australia are part of the great untouchables festering within their legal chambers. Allowing Leibler to retain his Officer in the Order of Australia has (arguably) reduced the value of his award to that of a token from KFC or Big Mac.   Zionism rules!

 The actions of the humanitarian Mr Leibler is best described in a front page article in The Daily Telegraph, Sydney, 9/07/98, headed “Leibler’s List” and sub titled “Jews name 2000 One Nation members”. The article goes on to describe how publisher Mark Leibler, AO, National Chairman of the Australia/Israel Jewish Affairs Council defended publication of the list in the Australia/Israel Review.

 The type of poison prejudice spewing out by Leibler’s Zionist publications, surely, mirrors that of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party against people of the Jewish faith in the 1930’s/40’s.?. Only a true Zionist could descend to such gutter journalism. After all, the One Nation party had (and has) no anti-Semitic policies. If Leibler feels such hatred towards one million loyally aligned Australians, why does he remain here? This is a democratic country and he is free to leave at any time. There are numerous daily flights to all parts of the globe, perhaps he would prefer ‘money laundering’ Switzerland.           

 As reported in The Australian 22-10-2004 Mark Leibler a Melbourne based lawyer with Arnold Bloch Leibler representing Mr Trevor Kennedy along with Zurich-based lawyer Marc Russenberger of Vischer Attorneys representing (the now, late) Mr Rene Rivkin  were due to meet with the Swiss Attorney-General.

 Former stockbroker and convicted criminal Rene Rivkin along with corporate heavyweight Mr Kennedy and former Labor Minister, Graham Richardson, are being investigated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission into who owned Offset Alpine shares held in secret Swiss bank accounts. Figures mentioned relate to a $53 million insurance payout on $3 million worth of assets following a suspicious fire that destroyed the premises

 There is no suggestion that despite acting as Mr Kennedy’s legal advisor Mark Leibler was aware of any alleged money laundering, tax dodging or other illegal monetary manipulations. Mr Kennedy possibly had a number of legal and tax consultants.

 Under political pressure, documents relevant to the case have been supplied by The Zurich based Zionist Bank Leumi Le-Israel ( Switzerland ). This is a branch of the parent Israeli based Bank Le-Leumi which is being investigated for allegedly withholding hundreds of accounts belonging to holocaust victims.

The scourge of Zionism is now sweeping Australia and what do our politicians do? They fall into three categories

  1. They unashamedly brown-nose to the Zionists at the expense of the people who voted them into power.   

  2. Become their proxies, (some unwittingly), while others, too naïve or ill informed to know otherwise to be aware of the real threat to our national sovereignty. 

  3. Acquiesce for fear of losing their seats.

Tel Aviv Calls: Prominent amongst the proxies and brown nosers are John Howard, Alexander Downer, Peter Costello,  Robert Hill, Peter McGauran, the Ginger Whinger, and most of the Cabinet, a number of state premiers but notably (Peter Beattie and the following MP’s; Steven Ciobo, Sophie Penopolous, Andrew Southcott, Steven Conroy, Linda Kirk and Ursula Stevens), to name just a few.

 Many of these have visited Israel and paid their respects to war criminal Ariel Sharon (for his ethnic cleansing of Palestine ), then return to Australia and write glowing reports in the right-wing media about the infamous Apartheid Wall. More importantly, may we ask, who paid their expenses - the Zionists or the ill-fated Australian taxpayer who voted them into power?

 Our parliament is full of Ginger Whinger McGaurans who, along with many others, should really be on the executive of the Zionist World Order. Most MP’s now totally ignore main stream public concerns, relatively sure of re-election through the auspices of the US/Israeli controlled 4th estate.

 Every time politicians stray from the Zionist agenda Leibler’s war cry is; “This could affect their funding”! It is common knowledge that Zionists fund both Labor and Liberal parties, i.e “The Leiberal  Coalition”. This gives the impression of even handedness – it is also easier to manipulate a compliant two party system, which is why America is also under their grip - but when a third party appears to threaten such a cosy agreement, that’s when extraneous matter usually ‘hits the fan’.

 The B'nai B’rith/ADL’s definition of a "hate crime" is one of the biggest threats to democracy and free speech in western society today. However this could not have been achieved without the help of our politicians who are quite prepared to see the citizens of this country silenced and jailed rather than upset the, “Zionist thought police”.

 B’nai B’rith International, with its network of 2300 lodges worldwide and its civil liberties arm, (the Anti-Defamation League), has effectively convinced most governments of the western, industrialized democracies to adopt its carefully tailored anti-hate laws to be compatible to two political systems: those of the European style, which do not guarantee protection of unpopular speech, and the American, which, through the First Amendment, does.  

The ADL is " of the ugliest, most powerful pressure groups in the U.S...Its primary commitment is to use any technique, however dishonest and disgraceful, in order to defame and silence and destroy anybody who dares to criticize the Holy State ('Israel')."  “Why do our government leaders and media executives seek the approbation and follow the dictates of so loathsome a group of snoops, censors, haters and tyrants?".  --Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (End of quotes)

 Leibler and his “thought politzei” in the ADL and B’nai B’rith, not only attempt to control what is said in Parliament, on the ABC TV, radio and SBS, and what is published on the Internet. They are also trying to prevent the Arabic Al Jeezera TV channel being broadcast here. They also strive to dictate to the government as to who should be allowed into Australia and who should be deported  

Zionist’s control of Australian government, media and public relations.

  • Henry Kissinger, alleged war criminal, partly responsible for quarter of a million deaths and injuries with napalm in Vietnam. Thousands killed in South America. All this from a Jewish person who’s relatives allegedly suffered at the hands of the Germans. Welcomed to Australia.
  • Jerry Adams, alleged IRA terrorist fund raiser, red carpet treatment
  • Benjamin Netanyahu. Purpose of visit to Australia, collect a cheque from Joe Gutnick, (mining magnate) for $10 million to build houses in illegally occupied Palestinian land. Some of the houses were prefabricated in Brisbane.  Roll out the Zionist red carpet.
  • David Irving, author and historian! Achtung hände hoch! ein moment bitte. Despite no record of Irving committing war crimes, illegally occupying land, being a member of a terrorist organisation, murder of innocent peace protestor by bulldozer, shooting children in their parent's arms, advocating violence or threatening anyone, he was banned from entering Australia by; leading Zionist proxy, Minister Philip Ruddock. This was as a direct result of pressure from Jones, Leibler and Co.  Zionists rule!  

everyone's (Zionist) ABC!

I have never read any of Irving's books, nor have I any desire to attend his lectures, but this is an  attack on the democratic right to free speech, censorship at its worst and a first class example of the Howard government giving in to the Zionist Thought Police thugs. 

Compare this to the blatant Zionist propaganda being peddled by "every one's ABC". Raving Zionist, Deborah "The Mouth" Lipstadt has recently had 4 thirty minute interviews - some repeats - promoting her book called 'History on Trial' broadcast on ABC Radio National. Listeners were subjected to the most appalling grovelling to Lipstadt by Geraldine Doogue and Kerry Phillips. This exposes, yet again, the Zionist control at every level of our government. 

A sample of Lipstadt's vitriolic diatribe whilst discussing causalities in Dresden, Quote "Which is, according to German records. . . .  the number of dead was about 25,000, which is nothing" end quote. So 25,000 dead, mostly refugees and civilians, means nothing! The full text of Lipstadt's ranting may be viewed at:

It was reported on SBS TV 11/11/2002 that any criticism of Israel in the Australian Parliament has been strictly taboo since the Hawke years.

 Another example of Zionist political pressure is when Colin Rubenstein launched a vicious attack on the ABC because they showed a film of Israeli troops murdering innocent Palestinian civilians in the streets. Michael Kroger, the then Head Honcho at the ABC, (and acting of behalf of Rubenstein, Jones & CO.) ordered an inquiry. Kroger then wrote a groveling 11 page letter to Rubenstein. All attempts by Media Watch to obtain a copy have been deliberately frustrated. The ABC is publicly funded, and should be forced through the Freedom of Information laws to disclose its contents.  But, Zionism Rules!

 Every aspect of World War II - except the concentration camps – is open to military, historical and scientific research, why? The mere mention of such matters, send the ADL. B’nai B’rith into apoplexy and one is immediately dubbed a Holocaust denier or anti-Semitic. There is worse to some, the New Master Race have even convinced some of their Puppet Governments to class this as a Hate Crime and in some cases can incur imprisonment indefinitely without trial. When the Simon Wiesenthal Institute is the only outfit allowed to examine the “facts’, two question should be asked, what do these people have to hide, and are the real Holocaust Deniers Lipstadt and Wiesenthal?

 As reported in The Australian newspaper May 7-8, 2005 there is a dramatic world-wide rise in anti-Semitism, fortunately many Jewish organizations are pointing the finger at the outrageous behaviour of the Zionists as being largely the cause. Howard Jacobson, writing in the London Evening Standard, claims “Anti-Zionism is, after all, anti-Semitism”. Pull the other leg Mr Howard! Fortunately many ‘Jews against Zionism’ are making their voices heard. Can they, in all sincerity, be classed as anti-Semitic?

 That is, can it be rationally claimed that every Italian is a member of the Mafia? Every Chinese a member of a Triad gang? Of course not! And neither can the average law-abiding Jew be tarnished with the appellation of a Zionist!

  Quote from the: Kansas City Star Posted 12 March, 2005, “The Jews can put the boot into the Zionists and Anti-Semitism would drop dramatically Jews should ask themselves why the hatred?“. 


"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."           

-Noam Chomsky


Warning! Anyone found copying this page and distributing widely will be subject to absolutely no action whatsoever..


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