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I support Jews against Zionism:




Deputy Sheriff Jewlia Gillard

General Abbott

General Murdoch

General Leibler

Photo left: Deputy Sheriff  Jewlia 'I would die for Israel" Gillard, Leader of the neo-con ultra Reich-wing Zionist controlled Labor/Liberal coalition displaying many of their awards to the US/Zionist cause. 

Decorations include: Hero of the USA. Woodrow-Wilson Mission Accomplished Cross. Refugee Internment Camp Commandant (South Pacific).The George W Bush, Le Croix du Nez dans le Derrière (avec d'Honneur) medal. The Ariel Sharon Meritorious Medal. The Abu Ghraib Electric Shock & Awe Award. 

Addressing the United States Congress on the 10/03/2011 Prime Minister Jewlia Gillard stated that “The US must be at the centre of the New World Order.” What in fact she meant was the Jewlia World Order. When Australians vote for a politician, it is not unreasonable to expect that he or she will act in the best interest of Australians overall, not for a cabal of faceless ‘con-men’ in the UN, ‘Human Rights’, IMF, World Bank, ADL et al.

Gillard is affectionately known in the USA as a Special Relationship Puppet, (P.R.P.) This is because she, and her Zionist controlled Cabinet members, have become a puppet government and totally subservient to President Obama UAV, (Chief Drone), and a cabal of neo-cons in the Pentagon and the big Corporations.  

MOSSAD has free rein to run its operations in Australia - all documents relating to its activities here have been shredded. Sydney proved to be a convenient launching pad for MOSSAD’s “nest of spooks” to obtain fake passports in New Zealand. Fortunately, unlike John Howard, N.Z. Prime Minister Helen Clark is not a Zionist puppet, and despite desperate attempts by the Israeli government to prevent the case from going to court, two of the “crooks/spooks” were banged in the slammer for six months.

The culprits, one of which desperately tried to hide his face, were Eli Cara, 50, of Turramurra, Sydney, owner of the bodgy "Eastward Bound" Travel Agency, who visited New Zealand 24 times in the previous three years, and Urie Zoshe Kelman, 30, already the holder of Israeli and Canadian passports. A third Israeli, Zev William Barkan, 37, possibly a fake name, escaped to Sydney and a fourth was, until recently, thought to be loose somewhere in Atearoa.

The acquisition of a fake passport by MOSSAD usually results in the execution of somebody whose face does not fit, as was the case in the murder of an innocent Moroccan waiter in Lillehammer, Norway. Was this the fate that awaited the clients of Eli Cara’s Travel Agency? Had their activities taken place in Australia, D.B.S. would possibly have awarded each of them an Order of Australia. Alternatively, had any of the aforementioned been Muslims, Australia would have possibly launched a pre-emptive strike on some third world country.

Australia ’s Minister for Zionist Propaganda, Ted Lapkin is a writer for oberbefehlshaber Leibler’s “AIJAC Review”. The AIJAC is a Zionist political “hit squad” based in Melbourne. As is usual when Zionists are caught with their duds down, all hell breaks loose. So it was appropriate that Lapkin should scrape the barrel of denigration and launch an appalling attack on Helen Clark. Lapkin, as is the case with a plethora of other neo-con think-tank mouthpieces, has unlimited access to the local  Zionist Rags “owned” by American citizen and voice of the Wall Street bankers, neo-con Rupert “Dirty Digger” Murdoch. The article in question appeared in The Australian on the 22/07/2004 under the heading “ Clark ’s vile bedfellows”. In Newscorp, locally based Australian journalists are an endangered species.  

Is it any wonder that John Howard has more awards for services to Zionism than Idi Amin had medals on his chest? 

“Prime Minister John Howard has shown his staunch support - politically, diplomatically and militarily - for the State of Israel, and is backed in this regard by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Treasurer Peter Costello.”

 Article in Sydney Morning Herald by Geoffrey Brahm Levey

“Earlier this month, the American Jewish Committee bestowed on visiting Australian Prime Minister John Howard its highest honor, the American Liberties Medallion. Previous recipients of the award include Martin Luther King, Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan, Vaclav Havel, Natan Sharansky and Elie Wiesel.”

 “The citation for Howard's award reads: "in recognition of [his] longstanding commitment, as a member of the Australian Parliament for more than 30 years, and as prime minister since 1996, to championing democracy and human rights, and his unequalled friendship toward the United States and support of Israel."  

The Liberal/Labor Coalition has a tacit agreement that there shall be no criticism of Israel made in the Australian Parliament. This being the case, Australian politicians put the interests of the Zionist State of Israel before the welfare of the people they were democratically elected to represent i.e; the people of Australia.                          

Mr Philip Ruddock, pro-Zionist cabinet minister. No 2.

Another of our pro-Zionist cabinet ministers, Mr Philip Ruddock, had a few sleepless nights recently when his daughter got entangled with a gentleman of middle-eastern origins. A certain Mr Amir Laty whose hobbies, apart from stamp collecting, included an interest in defence, spy agencies and sensitive national security. It has not been established whether his main interest was a passover of intelligence or a passover of leg. The end result was that Herr Laty was unceremoniously bungled out of the country.

If you thought that was the end of the saga, have another think. Who better to replace him with than a purveyor of porn. The following article makes interesting reading.  February 12, 2005 -- The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that notorious child pornographer Arie Scher has been flagged as the replacement for Amir Laty, the former Israeli consul to Australia who was expelled amid extreme secrecy from Australia about a month ago. End.  Interpol and Inspector Icaro Silva of the Brazilian Police Commission (Copacabana) has taken a keen interest in Seňor Arie Scher’s hobbies, which apart from philately included a close study of the female anatomy.  



Mr Mark Leibler (AO) Leading Australian Zionist and Friend of John Howard.

The following is an extract from HANSARD.

Sixth Assembly First Session 13/08/91 Parliamentary Record No No:4  

Topic : BILLS  Subject : Pornographic Videos (Prohibition) Bill (Serial 95) Date : 21/08/91
Member :

Extracts from: HANSARD6.NSF/0/935

“Evidence presented by Mr Stevenson clearly shows that Melbourne lawyer, Leon Zwier, was engaged by well-known porn figure, Alexander Gajic, to travel to the United States to negotiate with various organised crime groups to set up a deal to import and franchise X-rated videos. Zwier recently was made a partner of Arnold Bloch Leibler and Associates, one of Melbourne 's most prominent law firms. Zwier is now the subject of inquiries by different groups who are examining, among other things, his trip to the United States to consort and negotiate with firms defined by the Californian Crimes Control Commission as being a part of organised crime. Arnold Bloch Leibler and Associates is a firm appointed by the Labor Prime Minister,”

 Page 1848
Mr Bob Hawke, as advisers on taxation and law reform. Mark Leibler holds a number of senior advisory positions with the federal Labor government. His father is Isi Leibler. Isi is the Sabbath best mate of Prime Minister Hawke and is claimed to be No 2 man for the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League, an offshoot of the Jewish organisation, B'nai B'rith, with a seemingly harmless charter.”

”I quote from page 4 of the EIR, the Executive Intelligence Review, of 30 May 1990. This is headed: 'What is the ADL?' I had not heard of the ADL until about a fortnight ago, but this has some interesting information on it.
The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith proclaims itself to be a non-profit corporation designed to eliminate defamation of Jews and other religious and ethnic groups, to advance proper understanding among all peoples, and to preserve and translate into greater effectiveness the principles of freedom, equality and democracy (from the bylaws of the ADL, of B'nai B'rith, as amended by the National Crime Commission, June 1982).”

 “In repeated flagrant violation of section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Codes, the ADL operates as a tax-exempt public interest organisation, while in reality it engages in a wide range of activities that are inherently criminal in nature, including interference in the judicial and law enforcement process, support for domestic and international terrorist organisations, instigation of 'hate crimes', espionage, support for suspected international
narcotics traffickers, unregistered political activities, and covert activities on behalf of both hostile foreign governments and US government agencies generally linked to international social democracy


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