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Welcome to the one and only... DeathKitten's Journal

8.14.02 Wensday
10:50am EST
[mood] I am soooooo tired
[music] Disturbed - Stupified
[stats] At my grandma's apartment with my cousin Roger. Woohoo [note the sarcasm]
Well it's been a while x.x Sorry everybody. I have been working a lot lately but for 40 bucks a day its not so bad. Right now we're working in Mahwah in someone's condo. First we just prepped up the room and then we're gonna glaze it a brownish color. I cut my finger on a fan blade by accident x.x I was resting my hand on the grill and somehow the blade sliced my middle finger x.x Oh well. Sooooo... I still haven't gotten over my cold... Oh yea, I saw XXX with my cuz last night. Vin Diesel is so hott... It was a good movie, lots of action and humor. I give this movie a grade...


After that we went to this place called "The Cave". It was pretty neat. It was a cafe that looked like a well... cave. Anyway, I better get going sooooo BYES!

7.29.02 Monday
11:34am EST
[mood] Highly amped on sugar
[music] Le Tigre - Get Off the Internet
[stats] I'm talking to Lauren again and working on my site [no duh]
Good news! Everything went ok with Julie and Lauren! Yay! Lauren talked to Lynda [Julie's mom] and stuff and everything worked out. Woohoo! The site is getting really close to being finished! I still gotta finish up the Links, Friends, Favorites, and Other Stuff pages though. Argh, my stupid sis wants to go on! GO AWAY DEMON OF NEWTS! LoL, she's gone now. I'm gonna work more on the site. Toodles!

7.28.02 Sunday
9:47pm EST
[mood] Sick with a friggin annoying cough...
[music] P!NK Missundaztood
[stats] Talking to Lauren on AIM...
Yay! My first entry! Woohoo! Anywayz, I've been working really hard on the site and stuff. I feel bad for Lauren right now. She's having trouble with one of her best buds, Julie. Julie's mom doesn't want Lauren to hang out with her then Lauren's mom got involved and now she thinks it's all gonna be a big mess. Uh oh... She said Julie just called. I really hope it's good news!

Oh crap! I gtg!