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Bio Thingy

I was born at Valley Hospital in New Jersey on the snowy night of December 11, 1987. According to my parents and stuff, I had jet black hair down to my butt... Interesting... My first house was in Elmwood Park, NJ where I met lots of friends and stuff. People tell me today back then I was the type of kid that loved to laugh, run, play, and tell jokes. Today I think I just like to laugh... Oh well. My cat Suki use to walk to school with my sis and I and walk us back home everyday. He was nicknamed "Lassie". When I was 7, I had eaten some kind of poison and went dreadfully ill. This is miracle number one in my life... In the ambulance they told my mom there was no hope for me. I died in that truck. My entire system shut down for 10 minutes but strangely according to doctors, my heart started again and after weeks in the hospital I was fine. Miracle number 2 happened that summer. My sis, Sam, and I were playing in the playroom. I was lying down on my stomach when suddenly the plaster from the ceiling collasped on top of me. I don't really remember what happened after that. From what I was told, I was paralyzed from the waist down for several hours. They said it was amazing I could walk again and didn't die. After spending 8 years in Elmwood Park my parents divorced and my bratty sister and I lived with my mom in Wycoff, NJ. Due to something which I would prefer not to share, I was sent to live at my grandmother's for the remainder of the year. This was in West Oneonta, NY. I hate to admit but I was mean to some kids during that time cause I was so angry with myself for what happened. Luckily, that summer, I was reunited with my mom and we moved in with her fiance in Ridgewood, NJ. I attended Ho-Ho-Kus School and soon moved there too in this huge-ass house! It didn't work out between my mom and her fiance though so she said we were gonna move to where she grew up, Midlan Park, NJ. So that's where I am now and my mom's bf lives with us.


Full Name: Rachael Briette Dougherty
Age: 14
Birthday: December 11
Weight: To ask for one woman's weight is like jumping into the grand canyon without safety >D
Location: Midland Park, NJ
Hair: Brown with highlights, long, thick, and wavy
Eyes: My eyes are wierd... They look brown with darker brown streaks
Martial Status: Single and loving it!
Hobbies: Internet, collecting shells and dragons, shopping, being randomn, snow boarding, iceskating, roller blading, mountain biking, hiking, mountain climbing, swimming, drawing, watching TV, hanging out with friends, computers, web designing, RPG, wideo games, talking, writing poetry and stories, much more too but I dun wanna type anymore.

AHHHHH!!!!! MY PIC!!!!!
My eyes! THEY BURN!!!!!