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Muahahaha! Welcome to Realm of the DeathKitten!

My good side...
Hello there I am the DeathKitten, once before known as Rachael but that doesn't matter anymore. [Muahahaha] This is the recreation of my ancient journal site, Triple Mint Gum. I must admit that I kinda took this layout idea from my budster Lē [Lauren]. Please don't kill me Lē! Anywayz, I like pickles, do you? Here, have a twinkie! Ok then... Yea...

My better side >=)So, why do I create such a pointless site like this? Honestly, I don't know! By clicking any of the flash buttons above, they will bring you to another area of the site. [No duh, I'm just wasting space right now] You can find pix of me and other funny looking stuff, read my online journal, check out other kickass sites, and play some games or read some jokes and stuff. Some people call me a freak. Some call me a demon. Others say, "Could you please be ANY more randomn?" La La La. Fortune for a quarter? I LOVE quarters. Give me a quarter, I'll tell you your fortune! Don't you just hate those things? Have fun!
They laugh at me cause I'm different. I laugh at them cause they're all the same... -Molly