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All Thing's Diana
About the Site:
All things Diana is a place to come and remember the world's most beloved Princess.
The site is dedicated to her memory and educating the next generation about her life through video clips. This is the place to find all the information on all of the tv dramas made about her life.
If you are interested in Diana collectibles you can find an archive of advertisements as well as all the latest news on collectibles in the blog. Most of all enjoy your visit and come back again and again to remember Diana.
All Thing's Diana
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Diana fans all over the world
have a copy of this ring some where in thier jewerly box. even Barbara Walters has one! They are being polished up once again and sparkling like they did 30 years ago.
A new generation will be clammoring to get thier small piece of royalty.
The iconic Saphire is back!
Prince William giving Diana's engagement ring
to his fiancee
Catherine Middleton has made this ring one of the hottest
christmas gift this year.
So be sure to get yours before the big day.

It is sure to be a classic
piece to add to your jewerly collection
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