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Philosophy of Discipline

Discipline is training that is expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior; it is training that produces moral or mental improvement. Punishment is a penalty imposed for wrongdoing. Many educators sometimes forget the difference between the two concepts. Although the two often work together cooperatively when seperated they serve different purposes entirely. As an educator I will incorporate the use of these strategies, both collectively and individually when needed. Managing and controlling the classroom is one of the biggest challenges I will face during my first year(s) of teaching. Understanding this is the first step in constructing a successful philosophy of discipline.

My philosophy of discipline is simple. I will make known to all of my students the rules of my class, my expectations for them academically and their behavior. All students shall be treated equally and all deadlines, rules and guidelines enforced swiftly. I will model the respect and cooperation I expect to recieve from my students when dealing with the class in its entirety or with students individually. If and when a problem does arise I will follow the the structured course of action manufactured by the students and myself pertaining to disciplinary infractions. It is my hope that this will build a bridge of mutual respect for everyone involved in the classroom.

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