Classmates Children playing

More Bouncing

Connie (Fritsche) Raferty & Jayme (McClain) O'Renic

Clint Harding

Tonia Kincheloe

Steven Offutt & Wife

Party Goers

Kim Meyer, Chad Lance & Candi Howe

had Verble & Amy (Spitler) Black

Jessica Feig

(Daughter of Tracie (Martin) & Chris Feig)

Darrin Noe

Crystal (Campbell) Matthews & spouse

Angie Duncan & companion

Josh Williams, Maime Pender & Angie Duncan

Greg McCoy & Steve Moore

Ricky Redman & his wife

Kristy Conder & Monica Hardy

Amy (Spitler) & Casey Black

John Williams, DIane Steinkamp & Diane's Friend

Crystal (Campbell) Matthews, Susan (Rutledge) Jukes & Kristy Whittenbrink

Julia (Ahlf) Walker

Greg McCoy dancing w/ the kids

Boogie Down !

More Dancing

Amy (Dougan) Wilson & spouse

Missy (Malone) Dzuibinski & friends

Stacy Bogle & friends

Award Winners

Reunion Planning Commitee

Tracie (Martin) Feig, John White, Jennifer (Krustinger) Cain, & Tiffany (McCann) Briscoe

John White, Christy, Susan & Spouses

Monica, Christy (Wells) Carter, Dawn (Wendling) Kelly

Steve & Spouse, Phillip Ball & Connie (Fritsche) Raferty

Chad Verble & Spouse

Denise Wilson, her date & Amy (Dougan) Wilson

Sara (Mansell) Knaggs, Sara's husband, & Ryan Henson

Darrell Mays & spouse

Dancin' Machines

Brandy (Hicks) Brashear & Michelle (Feazel) Flowers

Aaron Hoyt w/ his wife, Jennifer & Kelly Culbreth with her husband

Tiffany & her freind

Chris Cole & Crystal Campbell

John White, Angie Sutton, Leslie Witzel & spouse

Greg & Chad


Crystal, Junnell, Missy & Maime

Marty Eisen & wife

Heather Dorries & Date, with Michelle Boxx & Spouse

Jason Castellari

(Did Ricky Martin Graduate with us ?)

Tonica Rollinson & Stacy Bogle

AMy, Lyle Simonton, Andrea Ludwa & Aaron Hoyt

Electric Slide

More Sliding

Doin' the Butt

Line Dancing

Tracie & Chris Feig

Slowin' it down a bit

Slow Dancing

What a cute couple !

Heather Smiling

Lyle Simonton & Wife

Tappin' the Keg

Tiffany & Diane

Girls just wanna have fun

Steven gettin' jiggy with it

Lawta Grabowski & Denise Wilson

Tiffany, Michelle & Brandy enjoying the evening

Foggy Dancing

Diane and Freiend relaxing

Gettin' the groove goin'

Kelly & Chris DeBoe

Tiffany & her husband

Chris Cole & Heather Grote's fiance

Scott Cain & Chris Feig getting down

Jennifer (Krustinger) Cain singing

Jason Profancik & cousin Jayme (McClain) O'Renic

Junnell & Chris getting nasty

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