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Tee Hipp-Nethery
July 30, 1980 ~ July 29, 1994
Pneumonia/Chronic Lung Disease

designed by Kelly Berrigan ©artwork by Danny Hahlbohn


Heaven's Child
To My Tee Angel

In the soft, gentle breeze...I hear you;
I hear your sweet voice in the soft gentle breeze.
In the wind through the trees...I hear you;
I hear your sweet cry in the wind through the trees.

In the glory of sunrise...I see you;
I see your sweet face in the sun's golden rays.
As the moon and stars play...I see you;
I see your sweet smile, as the moon and stars play.

With the beat of my heart...I feel you;
The warmth of your love, as I hold you so near.
And when I close my eyes...I can feel you;
And I know you are here...oh, I know you are here.

©Jan Nethery
Not To Be Used Without Written Permission

To Our Tee With Sweet Brown Eyes

Brown eyes,
What do you see?
What do you think?
Deep into the sweet brown of your eyes--
I wonder if you know everything that goes on around you
Day after day.
You cannot speak and you can scarcely move, yet
You communicate an innocence like
No other child I've ever known.
Oh, how you loved!
Sometimes it seems my heart would burst
When you smile your rare and precious smile.
I adore the tiny freckles sprinkled across your nose--
Angel's kisses, we call them

There was a time when I could only feel
The tragedy that had robbed you of so very much,
But through the healing of these years
I've now begun to see that you're a gift;
A blessed treasure lent to us
For just awhile,
And that God has chosen us,
To have our lives filled up by you.
Now I feel, though sad at times, mostly thankful,
For I have learned so much of love from you.
There is a fuller side of life
I'd never have known except by your sweet presence;
And so, dear God in Heaven, thank You,
Thank You for our little lamb
With brown eyes full of love.

©Jan Nethery 6/86
Not To Be Used Without Written permission!

Exclusive Design by Kelly Berrigan ©Copyright Rights Issued Whispers

We miss you so much, our Tee Boy. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you and hold you close to our hearts. Can't wait to see you again and hug you tight one day!! We know that your pain is over now, and you are in a wonderful place where you can talk and run and play. Thank you, dear Tee, for filling up our lives with love.
And thank You, God, for blessing us with this precious Angel.
We love you forever, our Tee!!
Your Family





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