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Our Battle With Endometrial Cancer
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The Challenge Updated June 2005

This will be the biggest battle in our life and we developed this site to share information with people on an on-going basis. Feel free to sign our guest book. Mark it as private if you are concerned about leaving your email address. We need all of our family and friends to help us with this fight and appreciate all of your love and support.

MON. MAR. 27 - Follow up appt. from CT Scan March 20th. MORE GREAT NEWS!! The spots are basically the same as the last appt. They show up like small nodules on the scan. This means that they have responded well to treatment. I will continue on the Arimidex drug and go back for a follow-up scan and appt. in June. The doctor was very pleased with what she saw.

Mon. Dec. 5- GREAT NEWS!! The tumors have shrunk even more and the one that was on the liver is barely visible. The doctor has put me on another hormone Arimirex (sp?) and it is an estrogen blocker. I go back in 3 months for another CT Scan and follow-up appt. Looking forward to enjoying the holidays. It was a great Christmas gift to receive. Thank you all for your e-mails and phone calls. They mean a lot to us

Mon. Nov. 14 - HOORAY!! Number 6 is now done. What a great feeling. Mom, Dad, Michelle and Aunt Ruth joined us for this wonderful day. Tears of joy when I rang the bell. A CT Scan is booked for Dec. 1st and follow-up Dec. 5th.

Wed. Oct. 26 - Visited the GGH, a day later than normal, so maybe the lower dose did work. Stayed until the 29th. Lots of I.V. and Zofran (anti-nausea drug). Now recovering at home, waiting for the trick or treaters. The last chemo is scheduled for Nov. 14 and another CT Scan is booked for Dec. 1. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Mon. Oct 24 - Chemo #5 is done. They lowered the dose of Carboplaten (one of the chemo drugs) this time hoping again that it would lesson the nausea. It didn't seem to help.

Tues Oct 4 - Sun Oct 9 - Visited the GGH again for a few days. It seemed like nothing was helping. I couldn't even eat the delicious hospital food. Once I got home I didn't need any medication, but the nausea hung on for about another 4 days. Next treatment Oct. 24, the day before my birthday (yeah!) and the last treatment Nov 14 the day before John's birthday. What great timing. Boy will we celebrate after the last treatment.

Mon. Oct. 3/05 - Chemo #4 is now complete. The best part of the day was the great news we got. The tumors are shrinking from the treatment. The largest tumor was 3 cm. and is now 1 cm. This is just the news we needed. Thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts, I know these things help. I will complete 6 treatments in total, so I have 2 more to go. At the end of the 6 we will discuss the possiblity of another hormone treatment to control the cancer. The Dr. tried to give me some other anti nausea drugs today but once I found out about the side effects we decided to go with the one drug that I already take. No experimenting this time. Do you think the new picture will get me a job for the Darien Lake ads?

Sat. Sept. 17/05 - I was released from the Spa at the GGH today. Another 4 night stay. We thought with the lower dose of chemo we had this one licked. No such luck. The crappy feeling started a day earlier this time as well. Feeling really tired, but want to get out for a ride on my bike, so that's a good sign. CT Scan booked for Wed. Sept. 28th. Will get the results at the 4th Chemo treatment Oct. 3rd.

Mon. Sept. 12/05 - Well it was the half way point today. Treatment #3. The Dr. felt that the nausea I was having was probably too much (no kidding) so he lowered the dose of the 2 chemo drugs by 20%. My concern was that by lowering the dose it would have less impact on the cancer. He said that it would still work well and hopefully cut back on the nausea. Once I compared the milligrams from the last treatment it really wasn't a huge difference. We're keeping everything crossed that this may do it.

Wed. Aug 24/05 - Admitted to the Guelph General again. Lots of I.V. liquid and anti-nausea drug. Released on Sun. Aug. 28th. The Dr. in Guelph seems to think that this may be the route to go after each treatment. Because it's the second round of Chemo and the same regime it will be harder on my system. We'll see. Treatment #3 scheduled for Mon. Sept. 12th. They are also going to book a CT Scan after this treatment to see how the Chemo is working.

Mon. Aug 22/05 - Treatment #2 today. Everything went ok but very tiring. Tuesday wasn't such a good day this time around. Normally this day is pretty good.

Tues. Aug 16/05 - Well my personal stylist, Michelle shaved my head for me today. I was tired of watching the hair fall out. It was time to get rid of it.

Mon. Aug 8/05 - We had a nice relaxing weekend at the boat. The weather was perfect. Almost back to myself. This one is hanging in a little longer. Going to enjoy the next couple of weeks. The next treatment is scheduled for Mon. Aug. 22nd.

Wed. Aug 3/05 - Well I escaped the Guelph General today. It felt good to get out and breathe some fresh air. Eating and drinking lots. Have cravings for lots of salty foods. Pickled eggs are on the top of the list right now. Who knows what it will be next week. We'll keep you posted. Thank you all for your e-mails, thoughts and prayers. Have a great weekend!!

Monday Aug.1st/05 - Cheryl had a pretty tough day on Saturday and we had to go to Emergency. After spending the night, they admitted her to the hospital on Sunday. This round of treatment has been very tough for Cheryl and will be hard for all of us to get through! We all know that this is a necessary path in order to get the cancer back into remission. Today she was not feeling well at all and continues to get medication and nourishment via intervenous. Cheryl continues to amaze us with her positive attitude. It is hard to believe she felt so good on Friday in comparison to the weekend.

THURS. JULY 28/05 - Chemo #1 now complete. Today was the big day. A very long one though. The treatment started at 10:30 am and ended at 3:45 pm. Everything seemed to go okay. We asked tons of questions this time about controlling the nausea and the Dr. also came up to see us. Feeling not too bad tonight and ate a good meal. Trying to fill myself up for the next couple days. Will keep you posted.

MON. JULY 18/05 - We met with one of Dr. Oza's colleagues today and the treatment plan recommended is Chemo! Yuck. There is one tumour that is growing faster than we all wanted and a suspicious spot on the liver. The hormone treatment was available but could take 8-10 weeks to show any sign that it is working. The chemo starts July 28 (next Thurs.) and every three weeks after that for 6 treatments. This isn't the news we wanted but the treatment that will work the fastest. A hormone or clinical study may happen at the end of the chemo. The one clinical study that was talked about at the last appt. still has not been approved by the hospitals ethics board.

TUES. JUNE 21/05 - This is an update from the last CT Scan Dec. 04. It showed that a spot on the pubic bone was becoming "active" so I required 10 rounds of radiation. In and out of Toronto for 10 days excluding weekends. The side effects were major burns that cleared up after a couple of months. A follow-up internal in February didn't really come to any conclusions. May 10 - CT Scan to see how the radiation worked. May 17 - Dr. Fyles - multiple spots on the abdomen lining need treatment. They aren't responding any more to the hormone treatment. He referred us to Dr. Oza, a front line Medical Oncologist. JUNE 21 - met with Dr. Oza. His recommended treatment plan is: a CT Scan July 14 (to compare with the last one), then meet with him on July 18. If the spots haven't changed since the last scan we will start with another kind of hormone treatment, if there is some slight growth in the spots a Clinical Trial geared specifically at Endometrial cancer will be started (a pill daily and intravenous once a month) or if the spots are really aggressive Chemo will be started.