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 Satisfied With Thee, Lord Jesus

Satisfied with Thee, Lord Jesus, I am blest;
Peace which passeth understanding, on Thy breast;
No more doubting, no more trembling -
No more trembling, oh what rest!

Occupied with Thee, Lord Jesus, In Thy grace;
All Thy ways and tho'ts about me only trace
Deeper stories of the glories -
Of the glories of Thy grace.

Taken up with Thee, Lord Jesus, I would be;
Finding joy and satisfaction all in Thee;
Thou the nearest and the dearest -
And the dearest unto me.

List'ning for Thy shout, Lord Jesus, In the air!
When Thy saints shall rise with joy to meet Thee there;
O what gladness! no more sadness -
No more sadness, sin nor care.

Henry Bennett

How fondly I remember my mother's sweet voice singing this in the kitchen 45 years ago!
When I went searching for the words I had forgotten over the years, it was
VERY difficult to locate them. They were not on the net anywhere.
So here they are!

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