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   Priscilla had a very sweet disposition. But she hated school, and she did not like to work. Concerning working at home, she was surprised to discover, after some months had gone by, that I was going to ask her to help me, just like every one of my children did. There was one thing I really needed, that no one else was any good at; and she had the intelligence and patience to do it - sort socks! She was only my sixth child, so it wasn't that big of a job at first, but as the family grew, of course, there were more socks too. Priscilla developed into a wonderful sock sorter! She cooperated when I made it clear that she was going to need to do that every day, before she could get her allowance each week. I made a chart for her, and she checked off her job each day. I have always believed that everyone needs to be needed. And Priscilla was no exception to that! I needed her, and she helped me. She needed me, and I helped her. We grew to love each other very dearly.

   For a year, we lived in a big house with woods all around us, which was nice. But one day I heard a tremendous crash, and went running to the bathroom. A virtual tidal wave of water was rushing out of the narrow bathroom, and Priscilla was on the floor, between the toilet, which was also lying on the floor, and the wall! She was not hurt, but neither of us could imagine how a toilet could fall over, and we both burst into laughter! It was a few minutes before either of could stop laughing, and I could help her up! It turned out the floor was rotten, and the bolts had just pulled up out of the floor. What an experience!

   I adopted Priscilla in adulthood, when her life had changed yet again.

   She lives now in an apartment, independently. She can heat frozen meals, and has a helper to check on her, help her, and shop for food for her. She has a wonderful friend named Alex, who lives in the same building, and they've been together for years now.

    Priscilla is now nearly forty-four. She's my oldest child; I am only nine years older than she is! She has not had an easy life, but she is a strong lady, and I am very proud of her. She has made many improvements, and manages her own life. She values her independence. But the years we spent together were good, happy years. I will always love her. I do not feel that it would be right to tell the world any more about her private adult life, so this is where I will stop. The rest is her story!

2005 Rosemary J. Gwaltney


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