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Junior High, and High School

   This was only sixth grade, but I always loved this picture of my son Kyle, during our math class. Our kitten "Button" always sat on top of one of us, and I still have that math book, I enjoyed that year so much.

   So many subjects can be covered well in home school high school. As he grew older, my son Kyle was always building and designing skateboards. He also fixed bikes, etc. Clonlara School, which had a correspondance program, had me count the hours he spent, and called that metal shop. He actually earned a credit, he spent such endless time taking apart, and redesigning those skateboards! He had no problem getting his credits in for P.E. He was one of the most excellent skateboarders I ever saw. He and his friend built a sizable skateboard ramp on our land, and it was used all the time by all their friends. That, and his talent for doing amazing things on the 14 foot trampoline, kept him on the move. He was always very active. When it came time for him to learn to drive, he took driver's ed. at the local high school. So did Noelle, Matthew, and Michael.

   My daughter Noelle had an intense interest in photography, and a talent for it as well. She earned a credit or more, in the time she spent on that. A decade later, she now photographs children, earning money at it. Skyla earned credits working with her helpless siblings, learning to tube-feed, give medicines, with my guidance, take care of skin, change diapers by rolling instead of lifting legs, and many other pre-nursing skills. She learned to suction her little brother Travis. She did these things because she wanted to. Kyle was the only other one who also wanted to do these things, and earned credits for the time spent. He became an EMT, and is now a policeman. Skyla has a full-time job just taking care of her own medical care, as it has grown more difficult and complex as the years have gone by. She has Spina Bifida. But she also is married, and runs her household independently.

   Noelle, Kyle and Skyla all earned credits in early childhood education, working with their pre-school sisters and brothers, who were exactly at the right age, while their older siblings were in high school. All three were very good with children, and learned how to handle them, teach them, be patient with them; and we used a textbook too.

   High School is a huge subject. I have no time to cover it at this time. Noelle, Kyle, Cherise and Skyla graduated from home school with caps and gowns. Noelle and Kyle in formal state ceremonies, but the place was not wheelchair accessible. So we had family celebrations for the other two. Matthew graduated from public high school.

   Noelle went through college, and became a teacher, working as a professional nanny as she went. She is now married to a good man named Curt, my twenty-seventh child by marriage, and they have a darling baby boy named Samuel. Skyla is married to a good man named Sean, my twenty-eighth child by marriage, and she manages her complicated medical life, and her marriage independently. Kyle went on to be an EMT, and is now a policeman. He is married to a good lady named Kathleen, my twenty-ninth child by marriage. They have a darling baby boy named Isaac. Matthew is currently studying at the Cornish College of the Arts in the Pacific Northwest. Sheena and Sarah are in their last year of high school. Michael is a junior in high school.

   Though I don't have time for much writing on this page just now, I can at least share some pictures now. Kyle was a natural leader, and helped his younger siblings endlessly. Play was his specialty. He and Skyla and Cherise used to play "Where In The World Is Carmen Santiago?" At least, I think that was the name of it. A complicated, challenging game - I think geography. And as you can see, he was the one who helped a world puzzle get put together!

   A small front room got designated as the study room and game room for these three junior high, and high schoolers. It was off limits to the younger children. Skyla and Cherise could concentrate in peace in this quiet room. Sometimes Kyle joined them, but he was working by this time, and mostly studied, finishing high school in the community, and in his own quiet room upstairs. Naturally, we worked together also.

   Kyle was the light of his younger siblings' lives. Noelle was in college in California, and then Georgia, and later, Washington. Kyle lived at home. He was always on the go. He bounced in the door every day, a smile on his face, scooping up armloads of little ones, who shrieked with joy. He was the light of my life too.

   There is much more to be written about the different ways to accomplish high school! I have all the records still, for every single child. Filing cabinets full. I'll be back.

Here is a group of my dear older children on the deck swing.

(c) 2004 Rosemary J. Gwaltney