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I named Zachary Samuel for a special reason. I knew he could die at any time, and as a pledge to the Lord, like Hannah, in the Bible, with her Samuel, I prayed, that if He allowed me to adopt Zachy, I would love him for the Lord, but remain willing to give him back to the Lord when the Lord's time came. And so his middle name was Samuel.

And this dear baby gave us much joy! Even though he could do nothing else, he could smile. And smiles were always ready for anyone who would stroke his cheeks!

Zachy could not see or hear. Nor could he understand anything in this world, but the happiness he felt when his cheeks were stroked. He was blessed, because he was spared all pain, and worry, and sorrow. He didn't know he was missing anything.

Our precious little one didn't even know how much joy he was giving us all! Just by being there, and smiling, he made us happy.

And now his beautiful black Chinese eyes can sparkle . . . and open wide - and the first time he ever could see, he saw Jesus!

And now he is well and whole, and with his sister Tiffany, and hosts of relatives and friends, in Heaven! He can run, and jump . . . talk, and sing . . . hear, and understand! For our little one, it is all joy!

I was blessed to be his mother. I was honored to love and care for Zachy, for the Lord's sake, and with love He gave me for His very special little one, who could give back only smiles.

I am thankful to the Lord that Zachy died in his sleep - so peacefully. His gentle "birthing" from earth to Heaven must have awakened him in the greatest surprise and wonder - right from his crib, to the tender arms of our Lord!

I think the Lord will bless him especially, for having missed so much of the earth's happinesses, and, especially, for completing the Lord's purpose for his life here.

His short life - his nearly four treasured years - was eventful, and the Lord was able to touch many people's lives, through his, and through the love the Lord gave us for him.

I thank God for the privilege of having been Zachy's mommy for these precious years. My life wouldn't have been complete without this dear baby, my precious little son.

Read at Zachy's funeral.

I wrote this for him in 1986. Copyrighted in 1999 Rosemary Gwaltney