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Eulogy For My Son Joshua Timothy

Joshua Timothy was a very special part of our family. He was sick most of his nearly six years on earth, but he had a sense of humor that kept him laughing through a large part of it!

When the Lord called him home, he was asleep. One last virus raged through his frail body, and took his life in a few hours. He awoke in the arms of Jesus. What a wonderful awakening!

Joshua had a belly-laugh that could make anyone laugh with him! Certain things struck him funny. When a window slid open, he would kick his legs and giggle. When we moved furniture around him, he would laugh so hard, he’d curl in a ball!

And in the night, if he was awake when I crept in to check on him, he would heart the whisper of the door on the rug, and begin kicking and chuckling in his crib, because he knew it was me coming.

For a child who couldn’t speak, he made his needs known very well. One whimper in the night sent me flying to roll him over, make him comfortable, and past him before he waked up fully. For nearly six years I did this - I had it so perfected, that I couldn’t even remember how many times I’d been up - I practically did it in my sleep.

Making my baby comfortable gave me joy. Seeing him smile, and hearing his laugh gave me joy. Watching him sleep gave me joy. When, again and again, I nursed him back to health, with the Lord’s help, I felt great joy!

I understood every yearning sound, whimper, chuckle, gurgle and guffaw! He did such a good job communicating without language!

Joshua bubbled with personality. He was so deeply happy on his good days. He had masses of chestnut curls; gorgeous long-lashed brown eyes, and wide-mouthed smiles!

He was a beautiful little boy. A sunbeam in our family. He loved his toy Pink Panther, and music boxes of all kinds.

He was patient, and sweet. Even when he was so sick, he was patient. Joshua was, and will always be infinately precious to me.

He loved his brothers and sisters too, the best he could, and they loved, and played with him.

Part of a poem I wrote after Tiffany and Zachary went to be with the Lord is very true. It says:

“Cherish every memory -
Write them, think them; cry.
Forbid them not to stay with you -
For when your small ones die -

Your memories are your treasures -
Precious - healing, you’ll find.
No bitter grief could ever dim
The sweetness of their time.”

I was blessed to be Joshua’s mother. I was honored to love, nurse, and care for him, for the Lord’s sake, and was well rewarded by Joshua’s joy, when he was well.

I am thankful to the Lord that Joshua died in his sleep, like Zachary, so peacefully. His gentle “birthing” from earth to Heaven must have awakened him in the greatest surprise and wonder - right from his crib, to the tender arms of our Lord!

I have not lost my son. I have laid up a priceless treasure in Heaven. And when the time comes that I get there, my little ones will be able to run to me - radiant, and we will be together for all eternity.

I praise the Lord for allowing me the tender joy of being Joshua’s mommy, for nearly six years. It was a gift and a blessing I will hold dear to my heart all the rest of my life.

I wrote this for him in 1987. Copyrighted in 1999 Rosemary Gwaltney