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Men's restrooms are very dangerous for little boys. There are sexual predators living in every community now, I am sure. (In Seattle, for instance, you can go on the net and find out how many level 2 and level 3 offenders (the most likely to repeat) are living in every neighborhood, what they look like, and what their names are.) Restrooms are places just perfect for them to go, to find a little boy alone and vulnerable.

I always just shaded my son's eyes while passing other ladies in a women's restroom. I didn't if there was no one else in there. A doctor once told me that he did this with his four year old daughter in the men's room. Did that mean he didn't trust women's rooms either?!!

It is so easy to protect our little ones. It is our God-given duty to keep ourselves aware of dangers that can be avoided.

I always carried a potty chair in the car, until a child was three or so, and could wait a reasonable length of time! That saved me from having to find a gas station restroom on trips, too!

2004 Rosemary Gwaltney

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